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Dynamics GP February 2020 Hot Fix Released: What’s New, Who’s It for and Where to Find It?

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Written by Laura Schomaker

February 28, 2020

​In keeping with its commitment to update Dynamics GP regularly, Microsoft released the latest update for the software earlier this month. As with the other hot fixes, this one is not a major update with a bunch of new features, but it takes care of a variety of common errors that may frustrate many Dynamics GP users. So, now you’ve gotten through the mad rush of January and year end, it’s a great time to think about giving the Dynamics GP accounting software your business counts on a little spruce up. After all, wouldn’t to make the most of your Dynamics GP investment be a worthwhile goal for 2020?

What’s new in the February 2020 hot fix for Dynamics GP?

Here’s a brief list of some fixes included in the latest update.

  • Using the new long description field in the Payables module will no longer cause your check stubs to print on two pages (in both graphical and text formats).
  • The ACA 1095-C form has been changed to reflect the new instructions for the 2019 reporting year.
  • In the Encumbrance module, budget table GL 00201 will now update in the correct direction when approving a purchase requisition using the Encumbrance through Workflow.
  • If you use the new payroll integration to Payables, your reports will now include every employee ID, where they previously may have been missing the last one on the list.
  • You should no longer incorrectly receive the error message stating that a deduction has “been previously posted for the selected date range.”

Learn more about these and the other updates in Dynamics GP February 2020 hot fix.

Who can get the latest Dynamics GP hot fix?

Like all Dynamics GP updates, this one is only available to users on a currently supported version of the software. It does not include those whose software has moved into the extended support phase of its lifecycle. So, anyone running Dynamics GP 2016 or 2018 is eligible to download the February 2020 hot fix. If you are still using Dynamics GP 2015 or earlier, you will need to upgrade before you can download this update.

Remember, if you’re on the latest (October 2019) release of Dynamics GP, you are no longer on the traditional lifecycle. You have moved to the modern lifecycle. In case you need it, here’s a quick explanation of what this change means for you.

Where can I find the February 2020 Dynamics GP hot fix files?

That’s easy. To download the latest hot fix files for Dynamics GP, visit this pagePlease note: it requires a Microsoft Customersource account. If you’re not sure how to log into Customersource or need help to set up your account, check out these instructions.

Current GP clients, if you need help with your Customersource account or installing the February 2020 hot fix, contact us. We’re happy to help!

Don’t have a GP partner but need hands-on help to update your software? Become a client, schedule your consultation today. Or maybe you’re curious if we are the right partner for you? Learn what sets Intelligent Technologies Inc. apart from other Microsoft partners.

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