Two Simple Ways Acumatica Users Can Share Their Feedback

Suggestion box

Written by Laura Schomaker

June 20, 2019

Acumatica Feedback Option One: The Digital Suggestion Box

Calling all Acumatica users, do you have an idea that would make Acumatica even better? Is there something you wish the software handled differently? Acumatica commits itself to constantly improving its software to keep it one of the most innovative and best ERP systems on the market today. So, they want to hear from you, the user who’s down in the trenches using the software every day.

But they understand that you’re busy. You don’t have time to waste with a lengthy feedback process. That’s why Acumatica set up a simple webpage you can use to share your ideas directly with their development team.

Here’s how it works:


  1. Navigate to the feedback page.
  2. On the left-hand side of your screen you will see a big button labeled “Add a New Idea.”
  3. Click it to go to a simple form where you can share your suggestion with the rest of the Acumatica community.

Even if you don’t have a brilliant idea to share, that’s okay. You can still help to shape the future of Acumatica. Just look at the suggestions other Acumatica users just like you have already submitted and show your support for those you are most excited about by leaving a quick comment. And, who knows, reading through the ideas submitted by others may help spark a little inspiration.

It’s as simple as that. Don’t you wish everything in life came with the suggestion box that’s this easy to use?

Acumatica Feedback Option Two: Leave a Customer Review on G2 Crowd


Choosing the right ERP for your business is a big decision. Before each of you decided Acumatica was the right fit, I’m sure you had a lot of questions and there was probably a moment or two along the way when you wondered whether you were making the right choice. In those instances, wouldn’t you have loved to talk to real users who use the software every day? Or, if you were lucky enough to do that, doubtless it helped make your decision easier.

Thankfully, the Internet makes connecting with real users much easier than it was in the past. As the business software market has exploded in recent years, many websites have cropped up to help people through their journey to finding the right fit. One of the most popular of these is G2 crowd.

If you have advice to share with other potential Acumatica users, things you love about the software, things you don’t, or just things you wish you knew before implementation, this is a great place to share them. And, right now Acumatica and G2 crowd are offering you a $25 Amazon gift card as a reward for sharing your thoughts. What are you waiting for? Go ahead. Share your Acumatica feedback. You never know who you might help along the way.

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