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Why Acumatica Real Time Reporting is a Must Have for Growth Minded Businesses

Written by Laura Schomaker

March 31, 2022

A holistic tool such as Acumatica can transform a business from sales to customer service to the production floor. One feature set that is relevant in doing this is Acumatica’s real-time reporting. How does this tool drive success in growth-minded businesses? By delivering the information, companies need to grow revenue, control expenses, and make innovative decisions every day. Let’s discuss.

Personalized dashboards in Acumatica tailor reporting to end user needs.

All the reports in the world don’t matter when they’re in front of the wrong person. The flip side of that is you never want someone on your team spending work hours deciphering data is irrelevant to their role.

Acumatica real time reporting delivers personalized business views to present data-driven insights and speed up decision-making that applies to the end user. This allows the solution to keep top priorities in front of each user. Automated alerts supplement this by ensuring that important tasks stay top of mind.

Reporting is always ‘real-time’ thanks to Acumatica’s mobile capabilities.

Real-time reports are at their most powerful when you can access them anytime, anywhere. With Acumatica’s mobile capabilities, data stays actionable through constant remote access. Mobile capabilities ensure users can access the information they need anywhere. A centralized database also ensures data consistency, ensuring that every team member works with one version of reports and data. Security concerns? That’s covered, too, via role-based security that limits user access to only the data that applies to their jobs and roles. 

Acumatica real-time reporting supports financial transparency.

Financial transparency is key to growth in today’s world. Acumatica provides a view of all financial data at a company through a single pane of glass. Complementing this are dashboards that present robust financial and operational data for the entire business, such as revenue, accounting, sales contracts, customer activity, and inventory, ensuring that every stakeholder knows the big picture of a company’s finances.

Acumatica combines with BI solutions.

Best-in-class business intelligence tools, including Microsoft Power BI and Tableau, work in tandem with Acumatica to aggregate data from multiple external sources and extract actionable information. It then translates this BI into the real-time reports and role-based dashboards, optimizing everything from financial reporting to compliance.

Acumatica provides end-to-end views of operations.

Finally, operations get streamlined too, thanks to Acumatica. This ERP solution sifts through data to deliver custom reports, including KPIs, sales figures, inventory, and customer support. With these tools, the C-suite can assess the status of operations quickly, uncovering details on anything from up-to-date sales figures by region, representative, or product line, project potential shortages, and identify bottlenecks in the supply chain.


Acumatica supports compliance on demand.

Compliance is an essential, albeit enormous task for many of today’s businesses. Acumatica streamlines compliance efforts via real-time reporting to ensure that companies are ready to always comply, avoiding risk, hefty fines and reputational damage. Companies can also use this ERP solution to create bespoke compliance reports for specific regulations with little or no programming.

With Acumatica, growing organizations take reporting and analysis to the next level, moving beyond balance sheets and cash flow statements to outcome-driven insights that empower users and ignite profitability. To learn more about Acumatica and what it can do for your business, contact us today. After all, isn’t every business growth-minded?

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