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Why Acumatica is the Discrete Manufacturing ERP of Choice for So Many?

Written by Laura Schomaker

June 9, 2022

Increasingly, discrete manufacturers are turning to ERP to improve workflows, operations and protocols. Why are these manufacturers choosing this approach? Working with a comprehensive ERP solution, such as Acumatica, helps you manage every facet of your business. Thanks to Acumatica’s extensive manufacturing suite, which includes complete financials, robust inventory, flexible order management, a mobile WMS, an embedded CRM, and more, you can take your discrete manufacturing operations to new levels.

Configure Smart Discrete Manufacturing ERP Workflows

Configuring optimized workflows based on performance data is one of the best ways to enhance production in discrete manufacturing. Acumatica digitizes the process, compiling data for easy analysis and allowing you to set customized notifications. Leveraging this discrete manufacturing ERP solution to configure your workflows delivers several advantages, including:

  • Enabling custom, automated notifications for high-priority orders
  • Automatic purchasing alerts for low-stock items
  • Streamlined protocols for transitions from one department to the next along the production chain

Streamline Operations

You should never have to adopt your current operations to a solution; instead, a viable solution should enhance and improve your existing operations. Acumatica features a modular and agile ERP framework that adjusts to your needs. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning allow for advanced data analytics, while Acumatica’s Open APIs enable rapid integration with existing solutions and low-code/no-code customizations.

Gain Key Insights into Role-Based Activities

Acumatica also provides key insights into activities based on roles. Need to improve efficiency on the shop floor? Acumatica delivers production reports, bar-coded job tickets, time entry data, and detailed dispatch lists, to name just a few features. Want to assess your Quality Management team? Use Acumatica to track Vendor Performance and leverage the solution in tandem with connected apps to address non-conformance and determine corrective actions. Acumatica provides detailed insights into every silo at your company, from production management and sales to research and development, giving you the high-level view you need to improve efficiency and production.

Create Dashboards

Another reason more and more discrete manufacturers are turning to Acumatica? It lets you create actionable and live role-based dashboards to monitor manufacturing and engineering operations in real-time. These dashboards deliver an easy and intuitive user experience, meaning you won’t need extensive training to integrate these dashboards into your workers’ current practices.

Ready to learn more about Acumatica and what it can do for your discrete manufacturing operations? Contact us right away to start exploring this discrete manufacturing ERP solution’s transformative potential.

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