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Smart Strategies to Improve Employee Engagement

Written by Laura Schomaker

June 2, 2022

Improving employee engagement is not just about having a happier workplace—it’s about actually improving your products and business. Employees who are more invested and engaged with their work are more likely to work well, resulting in performance improvements at every level. Statistics show engaged employees can even result in an increase in profitability by as much as 21 percent. If you want to improve employee engagement at your company, there are several steps you can take. These smart strategies can improve employee engagement and ensure you are working as a cohesive team towards your business’ high-level goals.

Support Collaboration

Three-quarters of employees believe that collaboration and teamwork are essential to company success. To create a culture focused on collaboration, give your team the techniques and tools they need to work well with others. While interpersonal techniques, such as making room for all opinions and feedback, can do a lot to improve employee engagement, technological choices can also make a tremendous difference and support effective working relationships. Many of today’s best business solutions do just that, encouraging collaboration.

Define Collective Goals

Since the Great Shutdown, many employees have lost focus on what it’s all about. If they were engaged in collective goals in the past, after two years of remote work, it wouldn’t be surprising to hear that they weren’t as focused on collective effort. Craft and convey key messages that translate goals and vision for your company to each team and individual. Use your collaborative, automated solutions to disseminate this message company-wide.

Stay Flexible

When employees feel seen and heard and empowered, they naturally become more engaged. The straightest road to that is to work “with” them or provide them with flexibility in their work. In fact, 82 percent of workers say that flexibility is the central factor they look for in an employer. Support a flexible work environment that helps your staff feel heard. This can be something like creating flexible or remote work hours or providing personal development opportunities.  

Leverage Modern Applications that Support Engagement

Of course, nothing facilitates all the above more than today’s collaborative technologies. The right business solutions can support collaboration, communication, and flexibility for employees in their workflows.

One such solution which does all of this, and more, is Acumatica, an ERP platform. This future-proof ERP solution engages users with integrated systems, automated workflows, and an intuitive interface. It also delivers a 360-degree view of data across your company. Integrated business processes built into the solution eliminate redundancy and inaccuracy, while dynamic and user-friendly dashboards engage users with personalized KPIs and alerts. Finally, the inherent mobility of Acumatica lets your staff access work anywhere on the same workspace.  

Ready to improve employee engagement? Call us to discover how a solution such as Acumatica can transform engagement at your company.

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