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Is QuickBooks the best accounting software for SMBs?

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Written by Laura Schomaker

January 19, 2023

Without a doubt, QuickBooks has been a hugely popular accounting solution and one of the best accounting software for SMBs. For starters, it was one of the first accounting tools of its kind, encouraging businesses far and wide to adopt it. It has been used so widely for so long, some say it is the language that connects accounting and business offices.

These days, however, basic accounting software such as QuickBooks falls short for growing businesses. As a result, many accounting departments are looking for something more and moving away from the limitations of basic accounting software.

As modern workflows shift increasingly toward remote and mobile work, accounting software must keep up. Most importantly, supporting collaboration across departments and ensuring data consistency. That’s why more and more businesses are turning to ERP software instead and replacing QuickBooks.

ERP vs QuickBooks: Compare Software for Small Business

What are the advantages of ERP when compared to QuickBooks, and why are businesses making the change? Let’s look at why ERP is increasingly becoming the best accounting software for SMBs.

A User-Friendly Experience

For many years, the demand for a simple user experience worked in favor of traditional accounting software such as QuickBooks. Now that solutions such as Acumatica cloud accounting software deliver such an user-friendly UX, that barrier is melting away. Training your team to take on an ERP solution is easy, especially when executed with the right ERP consulting partner.

Diverse Deployment Options

ERP offers a wide range of deployment options. Thus, allowing businesses of all sizes an easy way to scale it to their needs. Limited deployment options have long been one of the major disadvantages with QuickBooks.

With ERP, you can purchase a software license and deploy it in-house on your servers or take a SaaS approach. If your business needs change over time, changing your deployment model is easily done, too. That way, you avoid lock-in that handcuffs your team and eats away your ROI.

Support for Collaboration

For too long, the data needed to process invoices, expense reports and more remained siloed in the business office. Today’s small business owners depend on collaboration and the effective use of data across a company and its departments.

Businesses can improve financial data consistency, simplify processing, and enable collaboration between departments by switching to ERP solutions such as Acumatica. C-suite executives and stakeholders will have access to accurate, consistent data, allowing them to make better business decisions.

Enhanced Compliance

Compliance is a high stakes issue in many industries. How does QuickBooks deliver with compliance?

Well, in short, the popular small business accounting software is not GAAP-compliant out of the box. This means businesses must invest in additional, third-party solutions to satisfy the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. With ERP, you get a more robust suite of accounting features. Everything from audit tools to document controls, ensuring that you always comply.

Is it time for you to move on from QuickBooks and implement an ERP solution at your company? Discover your options in a quick call with our ERP experts.

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