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How the Cloud Makes Your Business More Resilient

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Written by Laura Schomaker

September 3, 2020

Business resilience is a much-discussed topic these days. Especially in light of the global changes occurring in the business world in 2020, the topic is more relevant than ever. What can you do to make your business future-proof or even crisis-proof? One way is to move to the cloud. In the face of everything businesses are experiencing today, from supply chain interruptions to market turbulence, making your business as reliant as it can be has never been more important. let’s look at a few business resiliency benefits of the cloud. 

Top 3 Business Resiliency Benefits of The Cloud 

Future Proofing Your Business  

The cloud encapsulates many of the technologies that are guaranteed to define our collective workspaces in years to come. It delivers on videoconferencing, collaboration, data security and more in. It also facilitates remote employee learning and virtual workspaces, keeping a business ahead of the curve when it comes to business in 2021 and beyond. Whether the pandemic crisis extends well into the next fiscal year or markets continue to fluctuate, businesses will be better positioned to cope if they have implemented cloud solutions. What’s more, cloud tools, like ERP are by definition flexible and scalable, allowing a business to adjust as it navigates a new future. On-premises solutions, it must be said, may be less successful at keeping up with these changes in years to come.   

Accessing Big Data 

Calling today’s business world “data-driven” is putting it mildly. As markets and supply chains continue to fluctuate in coming months and years, leveraging the power of data and analytics to drive your business forward will be more important than ever. By combining AI with machine learning, cloud ERPs can deliver more real time, actionable data than their on-premise counterparts. As you might imagine, this can create real value in uncertain times. Businesses parsing data gleaned through a cloud ERP solution can gain the insight and knowledge they need to create better products, enhance customer relations, and streamline the manufacturing process. 

Leveraging a Mobile Workforce 

If 2020 has taught us anything it is that a mobile workforce is viable. Implementation of cloud tools, especially an ERP is a sure-fire way to ensure collaboration and cohesion across a mobile workforce. With cloud ERP, a business can ensure that anyone working from home has access to all the information they need to accomplish business tasks and goals. By contrast, legacy solutions siloed business data by department or division, making collaboration much more difficult. Cloud ERP also offers a shared virtual workspace for collaboration, real-time communication, and exchange of data.  

There’s no doubt, the cloud is transforming the way businesses use technology. Have you implemented cloud ERP at your business? Tell us about your experience in the comments below. 

Or if you’d like to learn more about the business resiliency benefits of the cloud, specifically  cloud ERP, read this IDC white paper.  

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