How Dynamics 365, a SaaS HR Software Solution Helps You Find, Hire and Keep the Best Talent

by Jan 12, 2018Dynamics 365

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If you’ve been following our latest blog series for a while, I’m sure you remember Jim and XYZ Corporation. However, if you’re a new reader, here’s a quick recap.

Jim, a sales manager was frustrated with his unimpressive conversion results and long sales cycle. This led him to look for a new business management system. In his search he stumbled upon Dynamics 365. And, because XYZ Corporation is so impressed with the results the sales department has gotten from using Dynamics 365, they are now looking at expanding the system into other areas of the business.

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Now that everyone’s all caught up, let’s move on to the next chapter in the story. Because XYZ Corporation has shortened it sales cycle and improved customer satisfaction considerably, its business is now growing quickly. To keep up with increased demand, XYZ Corporation needs to hire and keep the best talent. And, since they’ve been so pleased with Dynamics 365 and how it has streamlined the business, naturally it is the first place they look when shopping for human resources management software. Just as before, Jim and his colleagues at XYZ Corporation are pleased to see that Dynamics 365 offers a HR software solution.


Key Features of Dynamics 365 HR Software Solution That Stood Out

  • Integration with LinkedIn–It will allow them to research job candidates without leaving Dynamics 365. Share details about the most promising ones with everyone involved in the interview process. And, set interview appointments with ease. Integration with Office 365 and Outlook calendars means you can see at a glance what times are most convenient for the team and avoid lengthy back-and-forth email conversations, just to schedule the interview.
  • On boarding portal–With this tool, XYZ’s HR team can create customized webpages where new hires can get all the information they need to hit the ground running. Plus, they can use it to give new employees access to important documents and helpful contacts. And, managers can stay up to date on their progress with dashboards filled with real time analytics.
  • Tools to improve employee engagement–Aside from hiring new employees, XYZ Corporation wants to keep the turnover rate as low as possible. Dynamics 365 for Talent also offers several tools to help with this. Of interest to Jim are the easy-to-use feedback tools. These make communications between managers and frontline employees a two-way continuous conversation. As a sales manager, he has always been looking for ways to stay in better touch with his sales team.


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Explore Dynamics 365 HR software solution in greater detail. Questions? Wondering if Dynamics 365 is the right business management solution for you? Contact us today! And, we hope you will stay tuned for the next installment in this blog series where we will see how Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation helps XYZ Corporation deliver projects on time and budget.