How Dynamics 365, a SaaS Customer Support Solution Helps You Build Customer Loyalty

by Dec 8, 2017Dynamics 3650 comments

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Let me tell you a story about Jim. Jim is a sales executive at XYZ Corporation who was frustrated with the fact he and his sales team were struggling to meet their goals. After a few lengthy discussions with his colleagues about why this might be, they concluded that the three things were standing in their way of success.

  1. A long sales cycle.
  2. Low conversion rates.
  3. Low customer satisfaction/high churn rate.

So, Jim’s boss tasked him with finding a user-friendly, cost-effective solution that would help them turn things around. Since gaining new customers is up to seven times more expensive than keeping existing ones, Jim decided his first focus would be to look for customer service solutions. Once he had that in place, he would move on to researching solutions for his sales team.

After an exhaustive search, one solution stood out above all the rest, Dynamics 365. This user-friendly cloud-based tool could give XYZ Corporation a 360° view of each client interaction. With an improved understanding of where things are going wrong, they would be better able to develop an effective solution.

Other features of this SaaS customer support solution that intrigued Jim

  • Omni-Channel engagement—Let customers contact you however is most convenient to them. Always deliver the same great service, no matter what. Because Dynamics 365 allows you to handle every customer interaction through a single tool, it becomes much easier to see customer history and behavior, and deliver the consistent service to customers expect.
  • Agent enablement—Put all important customer information at your agent’s fingertips. When they work from one system and a single version of the truth, they can serve customers more efficiently and effectively.
  • Self-service portals and communities—Today, many people want to find answers to their questions on their own, without having to contact customer service. Give them access to a knowledgebase where they can find solutions to common issues, and a community where they can go to ask their peers for advice.
  • Actionable insights—With the right tools, customer service does not have to be reactive. With Dynamics 365 for Customer Service’s interactive dashboards and advanced analytics, you can visualize trends and deal with issues before they become widespread problems.

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