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AT&T Cloud Services, NetBond Overview

AT&T NetBond is a unique service that extends your company’s VPN to the cloud services you count on. With it, the data you send to your cloud service providers is as safe as it would be on your corporate network. When you access cloud services with NetBond, you completely bypass the public Internet. Thus, avoiding prying eyes and all the other dangers that live there.

Does your business have staff spread out across several cities or countries? Do you want to use cloud services because of the convenience they offer? But, you’re worried about keeping sensitive data safe? And, you don’t want to opt for a private network because of cost or performance concerns? If so, AT&T Cloud services like NetBond is the perfect solution for you!

Brief Overview of NetBond and How It Works

Popular Cloud Providers that Integrate with NetBond

AT&T  NetBond Features at a Glance

Private and secure

Bypass the traffic on the public Internet. Send data directly to your cloud provider.

Flexible and reliable

Enjoy any to any, instant on connectivity. Pay only for the resources that you use.

Speed plus savings

Compared to a private network, AT&T NetBond can reduce latency and costs by up to 50%.

Robust ecosystem

AT&T NetBond integrates with 19 popular cloud solution providers.


AT&T is the only network provider to offer this type of solution.

NetBond And Other AT&T Cloud Services Help Your Business


  • Increase productivity – AT&T NetBond is faster than private networks or VPN clients. Enjoy up to 50% less latency and, empower your workers to do more in less time.
  • Improve security – The public Internet is full of dangers, hackers, malicious software, etc.  Avoid these with a direct, private link to the cloud services your business uses. And, end to end security policy and controls minimize your risk and costs.
  • Reduce spending – NetBond is less expensive than a traditional private network.  And, if you are an AT&T VPN customer, you don’t need any added equipment or access lines. Learn more about AT&T VPN service, what it is and how it works.
  • Improve network management and monitoring – Let AT&T handle  security and performance issues. That way, your IT staff can get back to projects that support the strategic direction of your company. Also, you can easily adjust and add to your services with a simple self-service web portal.
  • Streamline operations – AT&T NetBond is elastic. It scales easily to keep up with changes in demand. AT&T and Intelligent Technologies, Inc. handle all deployment and management tasks. All you do is choose your bandwidth. And, rest assured, it will always be there for you. It’s two carrier grade connection means you have full redundancy and failover.

Why Choose NetBond And Other AT&T Cloud Services Services from Intelligent Technologies, Inc?


We’ve served the technology needs of SMBs for over 25 years. Additionally, AT&T has been around for over 100 years. And, in that time has served more than 3.5 million businesses, of all shapes and sizes.

The human touch

If you need help with your AT&T NetBond services, our friendly NC based staff will be there.  No more calling a busy 1-800 number just to be put on hold or wade through frustrating menus.


Rest assured we have what it takes to meet your networking needs now and in the future. To become an AT&T solution provider, Intelligent Technologies, Inc. met stringent requirements. Then, a demanding on-boarding process trained us in AT&T products, services, & processes.



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AT&T NetBond Brief

A quick overview of AT&T’s NetBond service, how it works and its benefits.

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