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Power BI Report Pack for Dynamics GP

Do you struggle to create the Dynamics GP reports you need? Is the process often confusing and time-consuming? You are not alone! This is a common struggle for GP users. The problem is, without the right data, you can’t make well-informed business decisions. So, what are GP users like you to do?

“The Report Pack has changed the way we look at our GP data. We can now get insights that were previously non existent in our standard reporting system.  The level of service and support that we received, during and after the implementation process, was second to none.  An incredible product and first rate company.”

S. Hussein

CFO, Electrical Manufacturing Group

We were looking for a solution to add real Business Intelligence and Analytics to our GP data and, thanks to ETL Source and their Report Pack, we now have greater control over our data and we are discovering new opportunities daily.  This product is the perfect complement for Dynamics GP. We were up and running same day and, the support was exceptional. A solid product and exceptional company.

M. G. Poliakoff

CFO, Non Profit

The Report Pack for GP has enabled me to get live data out to the decision makers in my company in an easily digestible way. The dashboards have been able to take our data analysis out of excel and has made it interactive, allowing us to derive new insights. The support we have received from ETL Source has been amazing. They are incredibly responsive and committed to getting it right for their customers. I would highly recommend them.

A. Mathis

Controller, Retailer

Traditionally, these were your options

Option one

Find a Dynamics GP consultant to write a custom report for you.

Option two

Buy an expensive Excel-based reporting system.

Sure, these make reporting easier, but they have their limitations. Mainly, they’re costly and don’t allow users to take advantage of artificial intelligence (AI) or other advanced data analysis tools.

Enter Power BI Report Pack for Dynamics GP

This unique reporting tool combines your existing GP data with the analytics strength of Microsoft Power BI, Gartner analysts’ top choice for data visualization and analysis three years running. Go beyond raw numbers with insightful reports that deliver an in-depth glimpse inside your business.


Works on all GP versions

Still using the same GP software you used a decade ago? The Power BI report pack doesn’t care. No matter what GP version they’re using, all Report Pack users get the same insightful experience. All without IT involvement, data mapping or a data warehouse.

Delivers state-of-the-art features

Why limit yourself to static spreadsheets? They’re difficult to update and cumbersome. Plus, no matter the cost, there’s not a single Excel-based reporting system which matches the AI, data analysis and question-and-answer capabilities of Power BI.

Uncovers key insights

No time to comb through your data looking for any important changes? Let the Power BI report pack do the work for you! With just a click of the mouse, its powerful algorithms go to work finding all outliers, seasonality shifts, key correlations and more.

Gets everyone on the same page

Publish dashboards once and share them with your entire team or company. Have some sensitive data? Want to avoid information overload? No problem! Give users access only to the information that matters to them.


Speaks your language

Need quick answers to common business questions like, where are my sales strongest, where am I losing money or which accounts are past due? Just type in your question and Power BI Report Pack for Dynamics GP instantly creates the visualization you need.

Report Pack Modules

Each report pack module gives you access to a variety of ready to use, interactive dashboards and reports, over 90 in total. Choose from:


  • Financials
  • Purchasing POP
  • Sales and Revenue Analysis RM & SOP
  • Project Accounting
  • Inventory

I want to see Power BI Report Pack in action for myself!