Pharmaceutical And Medical Technology Industry

Organizations in the pharmaceutical and medical technology industry face enormous pressure to streamline operations and adhere to strict regulatory guidelines. As a result, having a healthcare accounting system that can assist you in improving your inventory control, materials management and deliver real time business insight is key to driving continued success.

At Intelligent Technologies, Inc., we have a proven track record of helping companies like yours succeed in the pharmaceutical and medical technology industry. The user friendly healthcare accounting software we offer can integrate with your existing systems and help you:

  • Utilize best practice manufacturing processes.
  • Enhance ROI.
  • Improve and automate regulatory compliance.
  • Exchange information between facilities with greater ease.
  • Strengthen control over and management of key financial data.


Solution we recommend for pharmaceutical and medical technology companies

Microsoft Dynamics GP

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Microsoft Dynamics GP

Financial management

  • Deliver strong audit trails and financial controls.
  • Start with summary information, and as needed drill down into the data for more detail.
  • Respond quickly to changing needs.
  • Deliver customized reports designed to answer specific business questions.
  • Create and maintain budgets and forecasts at any level.
  • Shorten budget cycles.


Accounts payable

  • Track and analyze all-encompassing vendor data.
  • Handle payables more efficiently.
  • Maximize cash flow by making the most of vendor discounts.


Fixed assets

  • Improve control over capital assets; record, track, and report on them as needed.
  • Oversee asset retirement and transfer.
  • Drill-down to original vendor invoices with ease.


Human resources management (HRM)

  • Capture, store, and access employee information with ease.
  • Save time; automate payroll duties.
  • Streamline applicant tracking; centrally store references, education, skills, and interview data.
  • Lower back office costs with HRM self-service capabilities.


Materials management

  • Ensure supplies reach their intended recipients on time.
  • Get a deeper understanding of material requirements.
  • Lessen the frequency of stock outages.
  • Reduce inventory costs.


Cost control

  • Streamline processes and increase productivity as a result.
  • Facilitate the sharing of financial information between departments/subsidiaries.



  • Achieve and sustain compliance with a broad range of industry specific regulations.
  • Implement compliance related best practices throughout the entire organization.
  • Record and archive changes to all documents and electronically held data.

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