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BLD Brands

Quick take: BLD Brands needed a platform for rapid growth and chose Acumatica ERP for its unlimited user pricing, third-party integration flexibility and its ability to handle multiple entities.

Key Results:

  • Consolidated eight chart of accounts and four accounting calendars
  • Streamlined operations by eliminating data silos
  • Significantly reduced time to close month end to 5 days
  • Added mobility and improved financial visibility
  • Eliminated manual invoice input and improved operations

Fidelux Lighting

Quick Take: When Fidelux Lighting, an LED lighting manufacturer for commercial customers, changed its business model to sell through distributors and implemented a commission structure, it quickly became apparent that QuickBooks couldn’t handle the complex inventory and assembly and kitting requirements, or commission processing it needed. Fidelux chose Acumatica for its flexible inventory model, cloud-based solution and affordable licensing model.

Key Results:

  • Improved inventory management, assembly and kitting visibility
  • Streamlined and automated commission payments, saving 7 hours a month
  • Eliminated manual duplicate data entry
  • Improved data visibility
  • Avoided expensive ERP user licensing costs
  • Provided visibility to inventory and orders to more than 30 distributors affordably

Global Beauty Care

Quick take: When Global Beauty Care landed a few large retailers, executives knew they needed a better financial system than their legacy software to handle the retail giant’s orders. The prior solution couldn’t accept digital orders or invoices – every transaction had to be entered by hand. It couldn’t connect to other applications, and it did not provide the agility the company needed. Global Beauty implemented Acumatica, giving the company a connected and modern technology platform to support rapid growth.

Key Results:

  • Process data faster with fewer workarounds and errors
  • Gained a real-time financial view of the entire operation
  • Revolutionized the way they paid factories, eliminated potential invoicing errors
  • Avoided additional headcount needed with increased transactions
  • Saved money and avoided expensive per-user licensing enabling more users to access the system
  • Achieved easier to access data through use of generic inquiries and dashboards
  • Increased productivity so the Director of Operations could grow sales rather than worry about IT


Quick Take: After spending more than a decade in the packaging industry, engineer Nick Novy realized that to better serve customers, he needed to offer custom options and other non-stock supplies as well as full-service consultation to help them make the best packaging decisions. He founded Korpack in 2014 to do just that, choosing Acumatica as the agile engine for data driven decisions and platform for nationwide growth.

Key Results:

  • Gained centralized data system for quick decision-making
  • Allows for flexible customization that fits the way Korpack does business
  • Ability to analyze and act on data collected provides a competitive edge

R.A.S. Logistics

Quick take: Founded as an appliance delivery service in 1998, R.A S Logistics expanded into the last-mile delivery service when GE needed help delivering its appliances for Home Depot. As appliance and furniture sales at Home Depot grew, so did R.A.S. Logistics. New retail customers followed, and soon, R.A.S. operated out of 21 locations. When QuickBooks began crashing more frequently and couldn’t handle intercompany consolidations, R.A.S. switched to Acumatica for better data insights, easier consolidations and a connected business.

Key Results:

  • Eliminated daily duplicate data entry
  • Gained a real-time, centralized view of their business and reports
  • Cut monthly close by 9 days, and weekly check run by 2 to 3 days
  • Centralized check run process to one location
  • Grew transaction volume without needing additional staff
  • Access all accounting data from a single connected system

Traveldoo Technologies (An Expedia Inc. Company)

Quick Take: Based in France with offices in the UK, Traveldoo Technologies provides web and mobile platforms for business travel in 40 countries. A subsidiary of Expedia Inc., Traveldoo’s solutions simplify travel planning and booking, optimize travel spend, and improve risk and crisis management. The fast-growing firm chose Acumatica as its first ERP in 2013 for its flexibility, ease of use and ability to handle multiple international operations.

Key Results:

  • Saves 1.5 days a month consolidating statements
  • Real-time access to financial data
  • Automated invoicing and billing based on complex rules and policies
  • Drive multi-country business with multiple currencies
  • Enabled collaboration with suppliers and resellers of products and services

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