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4 Crucial Digital Transformation Steps for Manufacturing Businesses

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Written by Laura Schomaker

September 17, 2021

The term ‘digital transformation’ gets kicked around a lot. For manufacturers, it isn’t just a catch phrase, but a reality. Implementing digital solutions at a manufacturing company can support true transformation, resulting in increased efficiency, production and revenue and turning your factory into the factory of the future. What are the digital transformation steps for manufacturing a company must take to make it all happen?


Start with the right foundation.  

At the heart of every digital transformation is a solution. The best option for manufacturing these days is an Enterprise Resource Planning solution that can handle multiple aspects of a manufacturing business. Even if you have ERP in place, is it the right solution? Modernizing factory operations means working with an ERP system that can integrate easily with other applications and features add-on modules that improve operations. Start with ERP as the foundation of your digital transformation and make sure it’s the right one.


Do your research.  

How can you make sure that the ERP you implement is the right one? Do your research. Start out by doing a process review of all operations in your business. Where are there gaps? Where do you need to improve and streamline things? Once you’ve done a business process review, cross reference it with your current ERP’s functionality or use it to assess potential, new ERP systems.


Make a list of priorities.  

Yes, it would be great to have anything and everything you want from an ERP. And, yes, it is possible, but it’s best to pace yourself and do things systematically. What are the biggest priorities for your business in achieving digital transformation? Start small with the features and modules that will bring real and necessary value to your factory, then scale up from there. That’s one virtue of ERP, after all—how easily it can grow with you.  

Draft a plan and stick with it.  

Once you have taken all these steps, you will have what you need to develop a plan for implementation. Working with the right ERP partner can make this part that much easier. An ERP consultant can walk you through the details of modern ERP solutions for manufacturing and help you make the right choices for selecting and implementing ERP at your manufactory. Build a contingency plan into your implementation as well, so that you are ready for any technical issues or delays that might come up.  

Today’s ERP solutions for manufacturing are transformational and can do a lot to take your business into the 21st century. Once you find the right ones and follow these digital transformation steps for manufacturing, you’ll enjoy improved efficiency and enhanced productivity, and you’ll see the benefits of all that in your bottom line. What have your experiences with digital transformation in manufacturing been? Tell us all about it below. To start your journey to digital transformation in manufacturing, start reviewing the ERP solutions that can bring genuine change to your business today.  

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