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What Can ERP In Inventory Management Do for Your Business?

Written by Laura Schomaker

September 29, 2022

While manual processing worked at smaller scales in the past, the modern companies of today need automation to excel. You are likely aware by now of the fact that ERP is one of the most comprehensive tools for automating your business. What you may not realize is what seismic an impact ERP in inventory management can have.

Scaling and streamlining inventory management is a heavy burden when you’re doing things manually. With ERP in inventory management, you can get the digital edge you need to make these critical tasks as pain-free and streamlined a process as possible.

ERP in Inventory Management Lets You Coordinate Between Multiple Warehouses

Inventory management is complex in one location. When you have multiple sites, it can easily transition into “nightmare.” ERP merges all inventory data into one platform. No more calling other sites or asking for updated inventories. ERP updates everything in real-time so that you can make the most effective decisions across your locations.

ERP Monitors the Entire Inventory Supply Chain

Inventory management isn’t affected only by what you have on the shelves. It’s affected by what’s on the way to you and what’s traveling from you to your customers. Need to know where a particular item is in transit? ERP can get your eyes on that. Need to know when a restock will happen? ERP can keep that front and center, as well. You won’t be working on “guesstimates” and assumptions.

ERP Improves Customer Satisfaction

At its core, inventory management has one goal—keeping your customers happy. Streamlining inventory management via ERP only improves that relationship. When customers call in and have a query, you can find what they need right away. And when an actual problem happens and you can’t deliver? You will have the data and tools on hand to provide your customers with actionable and factual data that will keep them happy.. No more scrambling to cover up when inventory debacles happen.

ERP in Inventory Management Gives You Detailed Inventory KPIs

As a digital solution, ERP is rife with data, of course. For inventory management, you get a wealth of inventory KPIs, including Back Order Rate, Stock Out Rate, and more. What makes it even better is that you get insightful KPIs from across your company, as well. After all, customer service, sales, and transport are all affecting inventory, so maintaining an eagle’s eye view of their data can only improve your inventory management process overall.

Ready to see what ERP can do for your inventory management practices? We can help. Whether you are in manufacturing, retail or distribution, ERP can help you streamline inventory management. Contact us today to learn more.

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