Microsoft Dynamics GP Licensing Options

Deciding which of the various Dynamics GP licensing options is best for your business requires you to consider the following two things.

  1. Which modules do you need?
  2. What kind of access will your users require?

Modules Available in GP

The licensing options available for Dynamics GP are broken down into 5 packs.  Each pack includes a specific set of modules as described below.

  • Starter Pack—Offers functionality focused around finance, distribution, and human resources. Every Microsoft Dynamics GP user automatically receives access to all of the modules included in the Starter Pack.
  • Extended Pack—Offers additional functionality that’s centered on manufacturing, project accounting, field service management and advanced forecasting and budgeting.

Additional Packs

  • Customization Pack—Intended for organizations that want to customize their Dynamics GP enterprise resource planning system or integrate it with other business management systems.
  • Extended Human Resources and Payroll Pack—Designed for organizations that require greater flexibility in how they pay and manage employees.

Dynamics GP User Types

Dynamics GP licensing options include 3 user types, designed to meet the needs of individuals working in a wide variety of roles.

  • Full Users—receive unrestricted direct or indirect access to all of the functionality in the modules your organization owns.
  • Limited Users–get restricted access to the Dynamics GP as described below:
    • “Read” access to any data contained in the system through any client
    • “Write” access to their own Self Service information
    • “Write” access through any system windows not created by Microsoft
  • Self Serve Users—may only access the ESS Employee, the ESS PTE Employee, and the ESS Purchase Requester security role IDs, for the purpose of entering and retrieving their own personal data.

In other words, Self Serve users can generate requisitions, enter time and expenses, enter project time and expenses, access benefits self service and workflow.  A limited user can do all of that plus utilize inquiry, reports and SmartLists.

Please note: Any access beyond that which is granted by a Limited User or a Self Serve User requires Full User access.

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Are you more of a visual person? Our Dynamics GP licensing infographic can help you compare each of these packs side by side.

Moving to the latest version of GP? Licensing changes to be aware of

While reading about the latest features added to Dynamics GP, you may have noticed we’ve only referred to the new release of Dynamics GP as the October 2019 release or simply “Dynamics GP.” The year will no longer follow the software package’s name.


This is more than just a name change. It reflects the fact that Microsoft has moved Dynamics GP from the traditional Fixed Lifecycle Policy (where each version of the software was covered by Mainstream Support for five years and then Extended Support for an additional five after that) to the Modern Lifecycle Policy where software packages don’t have a fixed expiration date. If you use Office 365, you may be familiar with the Modern Lifecycle Policy – it is the same policy that governs your Office 365 updates.


Keep reading for answers to commonly asked questions about this Dynamics GP licensing change.


Why the change?

The fact that Microsoft moved Dynamics GP to the modern lifecycle indicates the company plans to continue supporting the software for the foreseeable future. And, to keep up with the software industry’s trend towards to faster release cadences over the last several years. So, this and future versions of Dynamics GP will receive a minimum of three updates each calendar year. No more waiting a year or two for the next exciting batch of new features from the Dynamics GP developers.


If Dynamics GP no longer has Mainstream or Extended Support, how long will my software be supported?

Under the new Modern Lifecycle Policy, assuming you “stay current” with your software updates, your Dynamics GP software will be supported by Microsoft.


What does it mean to “stay current?”

To “stay current”, you must take at least one of the three dynamics GP updates Microsoft offers each year.


When will my Dynamics GP software be subject to the Modern Lifecycle Policy?

Once you update to the October 2019 release of Dynamics GP (or a subsequent one), you will be covered by the Modern Lifecycle Policy. Dynamics GP versions 2018 R2 and earlier remain under the Fixed Lifecycle Policy.


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