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Meet the latest version of Dynamics GP

Released in October 2019, the latest version of Dynamics GP ushers in a lot of exciting changes for this popular accounting system. It brings with it a wide variety of new features around four focus areas (Top Customer Feature Requests, Financial Enhancements, Workflow Additions and System Enhancements).

Some of Our Favorite New Features

Top Feature Requests

  • Filter Items Stock Inquiry by Date – Get a quick view of how an item cycles through your inventory during a specific date range. Not only can you now filter based on dates, you can also sort by document type, and document number.
  • Exclude Inactive Items from Pricelist – Nobody likes clutter and if your business sells a wide variety of products and you have used Dynamics GP for many years, shortly there are have items on your pricelist you no longer sell. Now, there’s a quick way to filter these out and focus on the ones that are currently available.
  • Inactive Field Added to Items Smart List – Filter out inactive items quickly with this option added to the default items Smart list. Finally, you can avoid the time and headache of having to create this filter manually.
  • Paste from Excel to Web Client – Insert rows from Excel into the Dynamics GP web client general journal via the web client.
  • Copy Report Options – Set standard values for different reports faster than ever. When creating a new report, you can now copy over the options you’d like to use from an existing report.


Financial Enhancements

  • Expanded View of Fiscal Periods – Save time scrolling. The default size of the fiscal periods set up window is now large enough to display more than 12 periods at once.
  • Class ID Added to Fixed Assets Transfer – Move the class ID for one asset to another using the Asset Transfer Window. Or, transfer the class ID for a group of assets using the Fixed Assets Mass Transfer Window.
  • Document Attach Available in Bank Reconciliation – Attach documents related to your bank transactions for easier record-keeping. With this release, document attach is now available in the following windows, Bank Deposit Entry, Bank Transaction Entry, Bank Transaction Entry Zoom and Bank Deposit Entry Zoom.
  • View User Who Posted for Journal Entry Inquiry – Never wonder who posted an out of the ordinary journal entry transaction. Now, you can see which user posts each transaction right in the journal entry inquiry window, no need to look it up in the SQL tables.
  • Show Check Number and Apply Sales Document Window – Stop wasting time drilling back to find the credit card or check number used for a payment when applying it to invoices. The Apply Sales Document Window now shows the check or credit card number beneath the document number.

Workflow Additions

  • Import/Export Workflows – Reuse workflows and workflow settings. You can now export your workflows as a .json file, and then copy them to a new workflow or another company.
  • User Security Workflow – Define a workflow for adding or editing user security roles.
  • Security Tasks Workflow – Modify security tasks automatically.
  • Security Roles Workflow – Modify security roles automatically.
  • Vendor Approval Workflow – This workflow can now be activated if a vendor’s hold status is changed or when their document attach status is updated

System Enhancements

  • Compatibility with SQL Server 2019
  • Compatibility with Office 2019
  • Compatibility with Windows Server 2019
  • Improved Date Options in Smart List – Set date values more quickly in Smart list searches thanks to these new options, (prior month, prior period, next month or next period.
  • Filter Inactive Users in User Access Set up – Choose whether you wish to include inactive users in your user Access set up window.

Learn more about these and the other exciting new features the October 2019 release of Dynamics GP has to offer.

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