Meet the latest version of Dynamics GP

The October 2020 release of Dynamics GP ushers in a lot of exciting changes for this popular accounting system. It brings with it a wide variety of new features around four focus areas (Top Customer Feature Requests, plus Financial, Distrubution, HR and Payroll, and System Enhancements).

 October 2020 Dynamics GP Release New Features

Top Feature Requests

  • Maximize Print Output Screen – Stop manually maximizing your Dynamics GP reports each time you print them to screen. Now the system will do that automatically for you.
  • Bulk Edit Smart List Columns – Remove or reorder multiple columns from any smart list at once using the new “change column display” window.

Financial Enhancements

  • New User Defined Fields in General Ledger – Avoid confusion by quickly adding pertinent information or comments to explain transactions to your colleagues. Two user-defined fields have been added to the “General Ledger Transaction Entry” window to make the simple.
  • Import Credit Card Transactions – Enter invoice transactions quicker than ever. Users can input credit card transactions as payable invoices or manual payments. Thereby, reducing the chances of data entry errors shrinking manual workloads.
  • Automate Financial Full Reconcile – Stop reconciling multiple years one by one. Now, users can quickly reconcile several years at once, from oldest to newest.
  • Match Excel Copy and Paste Decimal Places to Currency Setup – Copy and paste from Excel without losing the currency formatting. Dynamics GP no longer ignores the decimal and, separators and Excel data.
  • Support for Form 1099 NEC – Comply with changes to the 2020 tax code. The 1099 NEC replaces the 1099 miscellaneous for nonemployee compensation, i.e., payments to contractors, freelancers, and other vendors. The October 2020 release of Dynamics GP reflects these changes so that you can file your taxes without worry.
  • “Doing Business As” Name for Vendors – Add an alternate “doing business as” name to the records of vendors who go by a name other than their legal entity name.
  • Removed Fully Applied Multicurrency Documents from the PM Historical Aged Trial Balance Report – make your PM historical each trial balance reports more succinct. In the past, Dynamics GP added unnecessary data to this report, specifically invoices and payments which had already been fully applied. That has now been removed.
  • Copy and Paste Purchasing Transactions from Excel – Define distributions and purchase transactions. Import them directly into the “Payables Transaction Entry” window from Excel.

Distribution Enhancements

  • Import/Export Stock Counts to Excel – Export data from the “Stock Counts Schedule” window directly to Excel.
  • Print All Sales Documents – Choose how you would like to handle your sales documents. There are now three options, the newest of which is “Print All Sales Documents”.

HR & Payroll Enhancements

  • Human Resources Social Security Number Mask – Protect your employees’ Social Security numbers and payroll and human resource reports.

System Enhancements

  • Schedule Check Links – Run check links automatically, outside business hours. Users no longer must start this process manually.
  • Multifactor Authentication (MFA) – Secure the email functionality in Dynamics GP with multifactor authentication.
  • TLS 1.2 – Prepare for the retirement of TLS 1.0 and 1.1 protocols. The October 2020 release of Dynamics GP supports TLS 1.2.
  • Save Per User Column Layouts of Homepage – Customize the layout of your Dynamics GP homepage with a one, two or three column layouts. Also, you can choose how you would like the columns to be stacked, choices include, top, bottom, right, and left.
  • Disable Print Dialogue When Printing to Word –Take advantage of one click printing when using named printers with Word templates.
  • Enable self-service user type access to user preference – put the power to manage their own user preferences and workflow delegation settings in the hands of self-service users.

Learn more about the exciting new features in the October 2020 release of Dynamics GP.

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