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Why is Acumatica CRM the Right Choice for Sales Managers?

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Written by Laura Schomaker

March 23, 2018

Finding the right CRM for your company is no easy decision. Every Marketing Director and Sales Manager knows it deep down in their hearts: a company goes nowhere if sales aren’t being driven. They all know the insane amount of work and brainpower it takes build successful marketing campaigns, find leads and convert them into sales and signed contracts. And they all know the meaning of word pressure probably more than everyone else in a company.

A CRM-Centered Sales World

Sales can be a hectic aspect of business. If the sales machine isn’t running clockwork, there will be chaos. It’s up to Sales Directors to make sure everything is organized; leads are properly followed through, information on clients is kept up-to-date and properly tracked, and the marketing and sales teams are working hand-in-hand and synchronized. There is nothing simple about making it all work.   The use of CRMs changed how sales unit operate forever. The transition between the old guard of sales teams, armed with rolodexes and file cabinets, and the new generation with all their software and handheld smart devices. There was a moment where newly-minted CRMs and paper files co-existed and not in the friendliest of manners. It took time, but eventually everything became digitalized; this does not mean that everything is organized.

Integration Is Key

The right CRM can be a Sales Manager’s best friend and Acumatica CRM is geared to give sales teams everything they need to turn into a successful, cohesive unit. The key to what makes Acumatica the ideal CRM for Sales managers is integration. As we move from on-premise to cloud systems, integration between different areas of a company becomes easier and information can be communicated across department in real time. This is where Acumatica makes its mark: the CRM is part of the ERP system, so it integrates information from Finances, Operations, Accounting, Inventory, Sales, and Marketing into one platform. Business insight applications within the ERP will allow Sales and Marketing directors to strategize based on real-time information they are receiving from their reps in the field, while pairing them up with their financial reports and tracking marketing a customer interaction costs. Meanwhile, field agents and sales rep can see customer histories and buying trends while they prepare to close a sale.

Read The Customer

Acumatica CRM allows the tracking of customer activity from the first contact all the way through final delivery of a product or service. With a wider spectrum of information on each customer, your marketing campaigns can be aimed at visible trends; complaints, order problems, and service issues are also visible, allowing sales managers to adjust their operations to respond to issues. Additionally, Acumatica CRM’s business intelligence applications lets you identify the high-value prospects among leads, meaning your team can focus on the big fish.

Accurate Quoting

The flow of information throughout Acumatica Cloud ERP’s different modules, including the CRM, lets your team calculate any figure accurately and instantly. Price quotes, delivery time, inventory amounts, and credit checks can all be calculated based on organization-wide information. The CRM allows the easy creation and modification of templates that can integrate cost margins, commissions, and discounts. As a sales manager, you will be able to keep tight control on sales figures and your customers will never receive the wrong information.

Mobility, Of Course

It really makes no sense to try and sell a CRM without mobile capabilities in this day and age, does it? Acumatica CRM is engineered to support a fully mobile workforce and can be easily accessed with any modern smart device. The power of your integrated ERP/CRM system is accessible anywhere at any time. Not convinced? Acumatica CRM lets you build mobile apps fit to your teams needs to make it even more functional for your company.
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