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5 Unexpected ERP Benefits

Written by Laura Schomaker

October 28, 2022

You already may have heard about the many “expected” benefits that come with ERP, not the least of which are increased revenue and improved efficiency. What you might not know is that you might also get some unexpected ERP benefits along the way, as well. What are those unexpected ERP benefits? Here are just 5 very pleasant surprises ERP may deliver.

Happier People

Cheerful people do good work. If your team is spending half their day fixing workflows and processes instead of marking things off their to do lists, chances are they’re frustrated. With an ERP, workflows get streamlined to enhance productivity and staff satisfaction.

“People” goes for customers, too, of course. With an included CRM and consistent data across your supply chain, an ERP will make your customers that much happier, too.

More Insights into Process

Implementing ERP software at your company provides insight into your processes. It starts with the ERP selection and implementation itself. During the early stages of this project, your team will look at how you currently do things and search for opportunities to improve. As your ERP gets up and running, it will provide you with a good deal more insight into how your workflows function and collaboration happens. With detailed KPIs into production, manufacturing, shipping and more, you will improve processes across your company in no time at all.

You’ll Attract the Best New Hires

Today’s best and brightest expect automation and data consistency. Yours may be the best company in the world, but if you are still slogging away in the analog, you won’t attract the best talent. Hiring some of the most talented people out there is just one of the additional, unexpected ERP benefits. Seeing you understand the value of the modern technology and effective collaboration, great new hires will come your way in droves.

Better Compliance

Not every industry is as burdened with compliance as, say, finance or healthcare, but every industry must manage it to a degree. ERP amps up your ability to stay compliant and within your industry’s guidelines. A bonus? You’ll be ready if a tax audit comes along with a clean and detailed audit trail.

Better Image

With all the expected and unexpected ERP benefits that await you, you can be sure of one thing. With enhanced customer service, a more efficient supply chain, and better consistency, your company’s reputation will surely get an upgrade. Now, that’s an unexpected ERP benefit that’s worth its weight in gold!

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