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Top 3 Signs You’re Ready for a Distribution ERP Upgrade

Written by Laura Schomaker

November 10, 2022

ERP has been making a lot of waves in distribution, affecting efficiency and operations for distributors, wholesalers, and third-party logistics providers. With features tailored for distribution environments, ERP can give these businesses the very specific answers they need. Even though ERP has been working as well as it does in this sector, you naturally might stick with your existing solution and not realize it’s time to make a change. What are some signs you might be ready for a distribution ERP upgrade? Let’s walk through our top 3 signs it’s time for a change.

Accounting workflows and financial reports are taking too long.

The whole point of automation is to speed up your internal processes, right? Some businesses, however, find accounting and financial reports lagging, even with digital solutions in place. This can, in part, be cultural. Everyone knows how married accounting can be to manual processes and spreadsheets. The larger problem may be that your existing solution a) isn’t designed for distribution and b) doesn’t have the “latest and greatest” features. With a new suite of features and a distribution ERP, you just may convince the business office to put down the pen and turn to digital, enjoying more efficiency and productivity.

Your data is dirty, and you don’t have access to it all the time.

Again, you might not expect this if you already have software in place or even a general ERP solution. If you are using a general ERP solution, it may not adapt to the unique needs of distribution, and chances are your data isn’t going where it needs to for you to harness its true power. By upgrading to a distribution ERP, you will unify data, access it effectively, and share it across your operations more easily.

Inventory counts have turned into a guessing game.

The supply chain took some big hits over the last couple of years. These have made it more important than ever for those in distribution to keep careful watch on inventory. This can be difficult under the best of circumstances. But especially when you keep your inventory records by hand or they exist in a siloed system without company-wide access. With an ERP system designed specifically for distribution, you can track inventory along every step of the supply chain and at each of your various locations. That way, you can find and fix anomalies quickly before they have detrimental and long-lasting effects.

Ready to make that distribution ERP upgrade? We’re here to help. Reach out to the Let our ERP experts help you explore what a difference ERP can make to your distribution company. Want to learn more about ERP’s impact on distribution? Download our eBook!

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