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Dynamics 365 for Field Service Overview

Get the job done right the first time. Boost customer satisfaction with smart scheduling, remote asset management and mobile access.

Dynamics 365 for Field Service Features at a Glance


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Intelligent Scheduling

Put the right resources in the right place at the right time.


Inventory Management

Ensure you have the right tools available for every service call.


Contract Management

Make it easier to keep track of all your service contract details.


Mobile Access

Put customer information in the hands of your field technicians.


IOT Connectedness

Detect, troubleshoot and solve more issues remotely.


Customer Communications

Keep customers informed at every stage of the service process.

Intelligent Scheduling

Better organize your equipment and people.  Fit customers’ busy schedules and make good use of technicians’ work days.


  • Set the schedule yourself, let the system recommend the best one or automate scheduling. The choice is yours.
  • Improve resource and workload balance. See at a glance what resources you have on hand and organize them by category.
  • Choose the ideal person for each job. Match technicians’ skills to the demands of your open service tickets.
  • Take key factors like SLA’s, client preferences, location, availability, inventory and regulatory requirements into consideration when scheduling service appointments.

Inventory Management

Dynamics 365 inventory screenshot

Manage inventory levels and stock history at each location, even trucks. Since it’s updated in real time, your inventory is always correct. So, you can create truer forecasts and have fewer write offs.


  • Manage inventory with ease, handle returns, stock transfers and adjustments.
  • Correctly forecast your materials requirements
  • No matter where you store stock, track it with ease and cut write offs.

Contract Management

Keep accurate contracts and installed product lists on hand. Make billing much faster and more exact. And, give your service team the information they need to spot up selling opportunities.


  • Offer flexible billing options for recurring service appointments.
  • Simplify reporting process with recurring service templates that pull in relevant pricing and work schedules.
  • Win more business by engaging leads throughout the entire sales process.

Connected Field Service


Solve more issues without sending out a technician. IoT connected devices let you see problems before customers do. Once you spot a problem, you can troubleshoot it without leaving the office.


  • Reduce the number of repair appointments technicians must attend to.
  • Configure IoT devices with ease. Add both existing and new customer assets to the network.
  • Aggregate the data captured by every device. Use it to find trends and trouble spots.
  • Get a stronger grasp on consumption.  Learn the best times to do maintenance.

Mobile Access

No matter what mobile device technicians use, they need apps that give them easy access to key information. Dynamics 365 for field service mobile apps deliver all of that and more.


  • Improve consistency and first-time fix success rates. Put step-by-step guidance in the hands of your technicians.
  • Lower customer stress levels. Arm technicians with a full view of each customer’s case history.
  • Link work orders to a variety of relevant information, including, case history, product configurations, parts and pricing information.

Customer Communications


Give your customers a good service experience. Keep them in the loop every step of the way.


  • Give customers access to a web portal. Let them see their past cases and upcoming service appointments, or open a new support ticket.
  • Keep customers in the know. Send them a photo of their technician, a vehicle description and exact arrival time.
  • Handle customer satisfaction issues fast. When needed, the system can mark customer feedback for follow-up.

Dynamics 365 for Field Service Helps Your Business


  • Increase the productivity of your workers in the field—Equip them with mobile apps that give comprehensive and real-time customer insights, work with RFID and barcode readers and allow them to process work orders.
  • Improve profit through predictive analytics—Move from a break—fix—repair model, to a never fail model with IOT services. Find issues before your client notices them and fix them remotely. Make better use of your technicians’ time.
  • Optimize scheduling—Let the system create the best schedule. Then, if unexpected issues arise reallocate resources with ease. And, boost first-time fix rates by putting step-by-step guidance into the hands of your technicians.

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Goal #1 Staying One Step Ahead of the Competition

How Dynamics 365 for Field Service can help:


  • Move from a break—fix—repair model to a never fail model. Find and fix issues before customers even notice them.
  • Optimize technicians’ schedules. Make the most of their day. Automate scheduling, or let the system make suggestions. The choice is yours.
  • Keep customers in the loop throughout the entire service process. Offer more exact appointment windows.  Let your customers see who’s coming to fix their issue and when.
  • For customers who need recurring service appointments, offer flexible billing options that fit their budget.
  • Don’t lose any leades. Engage each one from first contact to service contract signing.
  • Fix customer’s issues the first time, boost satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Respond to customers fast and tag their feedback for follow-up when neeeded.
Goal #2 Increase Revenue and Market Share While Reducing Costs

How Dynamics 365 for Field Service can help:


  • Fix more customer issues the first time. Save time and money by not dispatching a technician multiple times for the same problem.
  • Solve more issues remotely with IOT devices. Send technicians out less often.
  • Get a handle on actual consumption, perform preventative maintenance at the best time.
  • Find your underperforming products by analyzing aggregated device data.
  • Ensure you always have the right parts on hand. Get easy access to real time inventory data.
  • Reduce write offs, keep a close eye on service stock.


Goal #1 Reduce Costs

How Dynamics 365 for Field Service can help:


  • Simplify quoting with templates. Let the system pull in work schedules and pricing.
  • Fix more issues on the first try. Don’t waste resources dispatching a technician multiple times to look at the same issue.
  • Offer flexible billing options to fit the budgets of your clients who need recurring service.
  • Reduce write offs. track stock with up-to-the-minute inventory details from each of your locations.
  • Send technicians out less often.  Let them handle more customer issues without leaving the office.
Goal #2 Increase Productivity

How Dynamics 365 for Field Service can help:


  • Optimize the schedule of your field technicians. Make the most of their work days and ensure that you always have the right resources at the right place at the right time.
  • Give your technicians access to critical customer information on an easy to use mobile app.
  • Reduce the number of phone calls your customer service reps must answer. Automate customer calls and text messages, keep them up to date on their appointment details.

Customer Service

Goal #1 Improve Response Time

How Dynamics 365 for Field Service can help:


  • Create better schedules. Automate scheduling, or let the system recommend ways to improve the current one. The choice is yours.
  • Get up-to-the-minute inventory information to ensure all necessary parts are available, before scheduling a service appointment.
  • Solve more issues remotely, instead of making a customer wait until you have an open appointment window.
Goal #2 Improve Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

How Dynamics 365 for Field Service can help:


  • Match the right technician to each service ticket. Fix more issues the first time.
  • Be sure each customer gets the right level of service. When scheduling, take SLA’s into account.
  • Avoid frustrating your customers, put all their important details in the technicians’ hands.
  • Automate phone calls and text messages. Improve security, send details like arrival time, a photo of the technician and more.


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