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Microsoft Dynamics GP Support

Microsoft Dynamics GP was the first and still is the most widely used product in the Microsoft Dynamics line. Still today, it remains a solid choice for businesses looking for feature-rich, yet flexible package. Originally released in 1993 by a company called Great Plains and purchased by Microsoft in 2001, it was one of the first multiuser systems available in the United States.

But as there has been a significant amount of growth in the ERP market over the last decade, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with the number of choices in front of you, leaving you feeling unsure about which option is the best fit for your business. But there’s hope. That’s where we come in.

Whether you are still on the fence about whether Dynamics GP is the right solution for you, or you’re looking for better support for your existing GP software, you’ve come to the right place.

Explore our Dynamics GP support services.

System Selection

Thanks to nearly 30 years’ experience offering a wide variety of solutions, our team understands the issues most SMBs struggle with and how the right tools can help. When you work with us, our consultants take the time to understand your unique business and its key processes. Then, we’ll make smart recommendations on which tools are the best fit for you.

Dynamics GP Software Implementation

Successfully implementing Dynamics GP, or any other similar tool requires three key ingredients. These are technical knowledge, business experience and creativity. Intelligent Technologies, Inc. delivers on each. First, we have been working with Dynamics GP since the beginning, long before Microsoft ever bought it. So, we are well-versed on the ins and outs of how the software operates and understand how to resolve issues when they arise. Two, in our nearly thirty-year history we have worked with hundreds of businesses in an array of industries. There isn’t much our consultants haven’t seen before. Three, we understand no two implementations are alike. That’s why, before we do anything else, we’ll get to know your unique needs and goals. Then, with that information in mind, we will design a specific implementation plan to help you get the most out of your software.

Microsoft Dynamics GP Hosting

Traditionally, the only way to deploy Dynamics GP accounting system was to buy the software, then install it on your own servers in house. But we offer our customers a choice, you can either deploy Dynamics GP on premise, or let us host it for you. With our unique hosting option, you can take advantage of the comprehensive capabilities offered by Dynamics GP, while enjoying many of the benefits cloud-based systems provide, like low upfront costs and increased peace of mind. Learn more about our Dynamics GP hosting service.

Dynamics GP Customization and Integration

Dynamics GP offers a vast set of features out of the box, and many clients will need only those. But others may need a little something extra. Particularly if you have unique processes or very specific needs.

But when you choose us, “customization” and “integration” are not words to fear. Whether their needs are simple or complex, our clients rest easy knowing we have the development expertise and third-party vendor relationships to build them the solution they need.

Our Dynamics GP customization and integration services include:

  • Recommending when clients should consider third-party add ons and helping you choose the right ones
  • Integrating Dynamics GP with your existing systems or third-party add-ons
  • Writing custom reports
  • Developing custom applications

Dynamics GP Expert Support

With an over a 95% client retention rate, we pride ourselves on building long-lasting relationships with our customers. And, one of the biggest reasons for our success is our friendly, knowledgeable team of experts. Whenever an issue arises with your Dynamics GP software, they will be your first point of contact, ready, willing and able to help you get back on track fast. Choose the communication method most convenient for you.

  • Telephone
  • Email
  • On-Site


Here’s what just one of our GP clients has to say about our support team 

“ITI has been helping us with Dynamics for over 30 years.  Their knowledge of Dynamics is top notch.  Our Dynamics installation is somewhat complicated as we have eight companies in six countries using eight different currencies.  ITI has been instrumental in the initial set-up(s), has kept us up to date with upgrades and program changes and helps us with problem solving.  Over the years, they also helped us integrate Dynamics with our internal scheduling software and with Concur expense.  There isn’t much in the Dynamics world that ITI can’t help a company with and they come highly recommend.”



Database Backup Service

Are you confident your Dynamics GP database backups will be there when you need them? Sure, you have a tape labeled “backup” that you put in the drive nightly, or a file sitting on a remote server that says “backup,” but will it restore?  Unfortunately, sometimes companies find out too late that the answer to this question is “No.”

Don’t let this happen to you.  If you’re unsure whether your backups will perform properly, let our Dynamics GP support team double check for you. We will come in and take an in depth look at your Dynamics GP database backups, review your organization’s current backup procedures, look at the actual backup files and perform a test restore to verify the backup’s validity.

Do you need a Dynamics GP partner or are you looking for a better fit?

As a leading Microsoft Partner, we have been working with Dynamics GP since 1991. In that time, we have helped hundreds of organizations boost productivity and streamline operations with Microsoft Dynamics GP. Simply fill out the form to learn about our support options, register for your custom demo, or to request more information.