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Microsoft Dynamics 365

Tear down silos for truly connected people, data and products

Dynamics 365 is the latest addition to the popular Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM product line. Like its predecessors, Dynamics 365 helps you better manage your people, processes, products and information. What makes it different is it’s fully cloud-based. When you run your business with Microsoft Dynamics cloud solutions like Dynamics 365, it’s easy to change and adapt without IT or expensive hardware investments. Start with what you need right away and add to it as your business grows. 

Sound familiar?

  • Data entry is too time consuming. 
  • You would like to try a new business management solution but are afraid the change will be too disruptive.
  • Creating reports takes days or weeks and they are still often incomplete.

How can Dynamics 365 help you solve these issues and more? Watch this two-minute video

Want a Dynamics cloud solution that lets you run your entire business from a single platform? A familiar user experience? Unrivaled support?

You found the right cloud ERP and the right implementation partner.

Cloud-based for easier, less costly management

Ditch your expensive and hard to maintain servers. When you move your ERP system to the cloud you get automatic updates and upgrades, more accessible and feature rich mobile apps, fewer IT headaches, predictable billing and simpler integration. But that’s only the beginning. As Microsoft researches and invests in new technologies, its cloud customers will be the first to benefit.

Flexible, scalable and integrated

Start with one module or all of them. The choice is yours and you can add more as your business grows. Whether you need to manage your finance, sales, HR or anything in between, Dynamics 365 has you covered. Need a feature that’s not available out-of-the-box in Dynamics 365? Find it an Appsource, the app store designed for Dynamics 365. The experience is like using Google Play or the Apple App Store. Quickly search for, purchase and set up apps and extensions that take your software to a whole new level.

Feels familiar works with other Microsoft products

Microsoft built Dynamics 365 from the ground up. So, it looks and feels like many other tools you use every day, like Office 365. But not only is the user interface familiar, Dynamics 365 also integrates easily with other Microsoft and third-party products. So, you can stop wasting time switching between programs and be sure you’re always looking at the most up-to-date information.

Support you can count on

At Intelligent Technologies Inc., we’ve been working with accounting and ERP solutions for nearly 30 years. So, there isn’t much we haven’t done or seen. We understand we’re our clients’ first line of defense when issues arise with their software. As our over 95% client retention rate proves, your satisfaction is our top priority. We understand that our success hinges on yours.

Have you looked at Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of transitioning your ERP to Cloud?

Is your company wondering whether to transition your ERP solution to the cloud or stay on-premises? To determine whether this transition is right for your company, you must understand the economic impacts of your current ERP solution and what your ERP might look like in the cloud.

Dynamics 365 Videos

Get an overview of what Microsoft Dynamics 365 is and what makes it different in this series of five videos.

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