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Symantec Endpoint Protection Cloud

Maintaining a Secure, Reliable Network Is Simple With the Right Support and SMB Networking Tools

Are you an SMB that doesn’t have an IT team? Or, maybe you have one, but they have too much on their plate? Then, you know keeping a network up and running and safe from intruders with limited internal resources can be a real chore. It’s easy to become overwhelmed and let networking issues keep you up at night. But there’s another option.

When you choose our SimplicITI managed services, our networking team becomes an extension of yours. With nearly 30 years’ experience matching businesses with the right technology and supporting them with the expertise to keep everything running smoothly, there isn’t much we haven’t seen or done. We are experts in many of the most popular SMB networking tools on the market today. Let us help you find the right mix of solutions, set them up and support you when issues arise.

Finally, you can get back to work, free from worry about when the next network issue might stop you in your tracks.

Symantec Endpoint Protection Cloud Key Features

Advanced Management and Security for All Your Devices

Streamline threat protection and device management across all platforms (PC, Mac, mobile and servers). Protect all your endpoints from sophisticated attacks such as the latest ransomware trends and zero-day threats.

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Easy to use cloud-based controls for setup and management

Secure your business against cyber criminals in five minutes. Endpoint Protection Cloud comes with Symantec’s recommended security settings already enabled, minimizing the amount of setup your IT team must do.

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Security without increased IT workload

Don’t let limited IT resources limit your access to the best security. Symantec Endpoint Protection Cloud combines intuitive cloud-based controls with multilayer threat protection and robust device management.

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Advanced Security Management and Security for All Your Devices

Symantec Endpoint Protection Cloud stops today’s most dangerous cybercrime attacks using advanced multilayered technologies, like behavior analysis and machine learning. Thanks to its robust default security settings and easy self-enrollment through a user-friendly cloud portal, protecting all your endpoints has never been easier.


Key Features

  • Ever evolving, always up-to-date – Whether you use PCs, Macs, Windows servers or mobile devices, you can finally protect them all with one easy-to-use tool. Take advantage of the latest security technologies like machine learning, behavior analysis and emulation.
  • Mobile threat defense – Give your Android and iOS devices superior protection against existing and soon to emerge threats.
  • Built-in device management – Manage all your security policies in one place. Seamlessly enforce network access control, data protection on the endpoint and device security without spending hours on administration.

Easy to Use Cloud-based Controls for Set up and Management

Symantec Endpoint Protection Clouds’ intuitive management portal puts the power in your hands to ensure your devices (laptops, PCs, tablets, servers and mobile phones) are all secure without IT administration headaches. Start with Symantec’s recommended settings already turned on. If a setting doesn’t work for your business, just adjust that one item, rather than starting from scratch.

Key Features

  • One-step policy configuration – Define your policies once and it will disseminate them across all platforms and devices.
  • Smart dashboard – Get automated alerts when one or more of your devices are no longer in security compliance. Cleanup infected devices in three clicks.
  • Automated system updates – Ensure that you keep all your devices up-to-date and always have the latest information.

Security without Increased IT Workload

Limited IT resources? No Problem. Enjoy strong security without adding IT headcount. Combine device management and multilayered threat protection with an easy to use cloud-based management portal.

Key Features

  • Flexible subscription options to fit every budget – Protect your users and all their devices for one flat fee. Break free from complicated software licenses that make budgeting a nightmare.
  • Self-service portal – Make it simple for your employees to enroll their personal and company devices in mere minutes, without the help of IT.
  • Scheduled reporting – Track all company and employee devices. Simplify compliance and asset management see the hardware and software details for each in one place.

Dive Deeper into Symantec Endpoint Protection Cloud

Learn more about what this robust security tool offers and explore licensing options.

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