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AT&T Virtual Private Network (VPN), How is it Different From Other Internet Service Providers?

Are each of your network pieces (routers, TDM, PBX and WAN) offered by separate Internet service providers? Simplify network management and possibly lower costs by moving to an integrated solution delivered by 1 vendor.


AT&T’s VPN lets you to create a private network connecting all your locations and applications together on a single network.

AT&T Virtual Private Network (VPN) Features at a Glance


Reroute traffic around failures in milliseconds thanks to its inherent infrastructure redundancy. Improve application performance with better traffic prioritization.
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Yours is the only company using the network. So, you can control its performance and functionality.
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Mobile devices become an extension of your corporate network. So, you can give remote access from virtually anywhere on any device.


Access critical information and applications, anytime, anywhere, without worrying about unauthorized access. And, rest easy knowing disaster recovery is built right in.
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Choose from a variety of access options. And, easily add new locations, features and applications to your network. Also, many billing options let you choose the one that fits your budget.
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Manage and make changes to your network set up with easy to use, web-based tools.

AT&T’s Virtual Private Network (VPN) Helps Your Business:

  • Improve performance – Connectivity, reliability and security are crucial to your business performance. And, AT&T’s virtual private network takes them all to the next level. Here’s how:
  • Connectivity – Having access to your network, anytime, anywhere has many benefits.  It increases productivity, improves customer service and enables collaboration.
  • Reliability – Access the network no matter where in the world business takes you. The AT&T network offers the highest levels of availability.  And it is ready to grow with you. It easily scales to accommodate new applications or sites.
  • Security – AT&T’s VPNs bypasses public Internet traffic, and can only be accessed by you and your staff.  So, they are inherently secure. For added peace of mind, it’s backed by multiple service level agreements. These cover many things, like on time provisioning, network performance and site availability. Additionally, you can also expect simplified disaster recovery and enhanced redundancy.

Learn more about the security features offered by AT&T’s Virtual Private Network (VPN)

  • Improve agility – AT&T’s flexible network responds quickly to your changing needs. With its rich features and access options, you can add new sites and apps without worry
  • Improve visibility – Web-based tools let you track your trouble tickets and manage performance.
  • Increase control – Use class of service to prioritize your network traffic. That way, you get the highest level of performance possible for voice, data and video.

Why Choose Intelligent Technologies, Inc Over Other Internet Service Providers?


We’ve served the technology needs of SMBs for over 25 years. Additionally, AT&T has been around for over 100 years. And, in that time has served more than 3.5 million businesses, of all shapes and sizes.

The human touch

If you need help with your AT&T network services, our friendly NC based staff will be there.  No more calling a busy 1-800 number just to be put on hold or wade through frustrating menus.


Rest assured we have what it takes to meet your networking needs now and in the future. To become an AT&T solution provider, Intelligent Technologies, Inc. met stringent requirements. Then, a demanding on-boarding process trained us in AT&T products, services, & processes.


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