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The Internet of things, or IoT as it’s also known is a term you’ve probably heard, and maybe you thought it sounded cool. But, did you know that it has many beneficial business applications?

What are Internet of things technologies?

In simple terms, IoT is a mobile VPN connection for machines only. Things know things, and when they connect to the Internet, the data they hold is no longer locked inside of them. Internet of things technologies make this information more accessible and better able to support business decisions.

Diagram showing how AT&T's IoT service works
The AT&T control center is the nerve center of our Internet of Things technologies. It automates the deployment and management of IoT services.

AT&T Control Center for IoT Features at a Glance

Cost management

Track activity and gain insights instantly. Automate cost management and data usage across devices.
Drawing showing connected systems


Link back to your existing systems using an extensive API library.
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Fast setup

Be up and running in days with just a few clicks.
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Flexible rate plans

IoT pricing is set on a usage basis. That means you pay only for the service that you use.
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Real-time diagnostics

Spot and respond to unusual device behavior before it creates an issue.
Drawing of an open eye

Real-time visibility

See all your devices at a glance and respond to changing usage or network conditions.

The Numbers Speak for Themselves

Interface for real time device provisioning, management and billing

Self-service tools to detect and diagnose network and device issues

Million network events managed by the robust and AT&T IoT platform each month

Standards-based APIs to help you manage your business more efficiently

Examples of Common Business Uses for IoT

Click the use cases below your industry to learn how IoT can help.


IoT Use #1 Point of Sale (POS)

Replace Stationary Point of Sale (POS) systems with tablets. Research shows you can increase sales by bringing the POS system to the customer. Not only can they immediately handle credit card transactions and scan goods.  It also makes it easier to help customers. They can check inventory for the item a customer wants, without going to the register or the stock room.

Also, the technology tracks inventory and pricing, logging sales when they happen. That way, staff can be sure that they are giving customers the most up-to-date information.


Potential benefits:

  • Improve transaction security with a PCI compliant secure credit card reader
  • Reduce reliance on cash.
  • Improve customer service and modernize the customer experience.
IoT use #2 Digital Signage

Inform, entertain and direct shoppers with engaging, dynamic signage. Use it for targeted customer communications, interactive games and product interactions. It can also serve as a self-service kiosk for check-in’s and customer service.


Potential benefits:

  • Adapt messaging on the fly.
  • Target a your most valuable customers.
  • Add extra point-of-sale and customer service opportunities.
  • Use near real-time customer data.
IoT use #1 Fleet management

Keep tabs on your equipment’s exact condition and location. Use it to track devices, get GPS information and to help troubleshoot. AT&T Fleet Complete is an end to end IoT solution. With it, you get sensor rich devices that install easily on your equipment. These devices collect a variety of data, which they send to a cloud app.  Use it for full visibility and control over your fleet.


Potential benefits:

  • Watch driver behavior to better manage fuel and maintenance costs.
  • Streamline dispatch using near real time GPS routing
  • Remotely manage and assign tasks to field workers.
  • Keep an eye on the status and location of your most valuable equipment.
  • Respond to your customers’ needs more accurately and faster than ever before.

Learn more about AT&T Fleet Complete.

IoT use case #2 Container Monitoring

Actively track and monitor shipments. Maximize the usage of your containers and trailers while lowering the risk of theft. The system uses sensors to send information about the location of each container. The information they collect goes to a cloud app where you can keep an eye on the containers and manage them.


Potential benefits:

  • Stay well informed– Configure the system’s alerts to let you know if a container needs attention.
  • Automate data collection and management.
  • Improve operational flexibility and performance.
  • Integrate with AT&T Fleet Complete for the total fleet management package.

How AT&T Internet of Things Technologies Help Your Business


  • Strengthen your control – Real-time diagnostics and provisioning tools help to optimize operations. Maximize your equipment’s efficiency and longevity.
  • Improve intelligence – Predict when equipment is likely to fail or need service.
  • Increased automation – Streamline operations, scale faster and reduce costs. With the AT&T Control Center’s powerful automation engine.

Why Choose AT&T IoT Services from Intelligent Technologies, Inc?

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We’ve served the technology needs of SMBs for over 25 years. Additionally, AT&T has been around for over 100 years. And, in that time has served more than 3.5 million businesses, of all shapes and sizes.

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The human touch

If you need help with your AT&T IoT services, our friendly NC based staff will be there.  No more calling a busy 1-800 number just to be put on hold or wade through frustrating menus.
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Rest assured we have what it takes to meet your IoT needs now and in the future. To become an AT&T solution provider, Intelligent Technologies, Inc. met stringent requirements. Then, a demanding on-boarding process trained us in AT&T products, services, & processes.

Small and medium sized business love working with Intelligent Technologies, Inc.

With Intelligent Technologies, Inc’s help, we have been able to grow our portfolio of restaurants to 25 while still keeping our staff small.  The connected business systems they’ve given us allow us to operate very efficiently while strengthening our security and eliminating errors.
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Intelligent Technologies is a personal service. Everyone has their field of expertise. The way things are done now is amazing, efficient, easy. One of my favorite things is that for all of us they are just a phone call away.
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