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AT&T Mobility And Enterprise Network Services Overview

More and more, business happens outside your office walls. That’s why we offer dependable, fast, and cost-effective Mobility and Enterprise Network Services from AT&T.

Explore them below:

  • Field Services– Empower your staff working in the field to do more in less time. Enjoy near instant communication. And, get tools to help you track resources, streamline operations and boost efficiency.
  • Wireless wide area network (WWAN) – Backup your data and applications. Quickly set up new applications, remote locations and mobile workers. And, do all this with network connectivity you can count on.
  • Internet of things (IoT) – A mobile VPN connection for machines only. See things such as location, speed and breaking patterns in real time.

The Numbers Speak for Themselves

Years we've been serving the technology needs of SMBs


Percentage of Americans covered by AT&T network

Years AT&T has been in business

Number of Wi-Fi hotspots AT&T owns and operates

Number of businesses that count on AT&T (in millions)

Percentage of traffic growth on the AT&T mobile network (Jan 2007 - Dec 2015)

Looking for network or security and hosting services?  We can help with those too!

Click the Goals Beneath Your Role to Learn How Our Mobility and Enterprise Network Services Help You Meet Them


Goal #1 Reduce Costs

How our mobility services can help:


  • Control spending– Vehicle diagnostics help reduce fuel, insurance, maintenance and other costs.
  • Improve budget accuracy – Predict when equipment will likely need service or replacement.
  • Get new locations up and running quicker than ever before.
  • Save money on networking infrastructure. Move applications that don’t need a lot of bandwidth to a more cost-effective solution.
Goal #2 Increase Productivity

How our mobility services can help.


  • Upgrade the push to talk technology your field service team may be using already. Switch to an all-in-one system that lets your team focus on work, not juggling devices.
  • Stop wasting time with phone tag, voice mail and call waiting. Put your team and contact with each other at the touch of a button.
  • Combine the tools field workers need, like fleet management, GPS tracking, ticketing, etc.
  • Enjoy a more convenient user experience.
  • Improve routing, see in real time where any of your field workers are. No more guessing what tasks you should assign to whom to make the best use of your resources.
  • Give remote and traveling workers access to the data and applications they need.
  • Don’t let business stop for a power outage. Backup your most critical applications on the AT&T mobile network. Make them available even in the face of an emergency.

Information Technology

Goal #1 Ensure Your Systems Are up to Date and Available

How our mobility services can help:


  • Deliver near instant communication capabilities to your team. Get push to talk service delivered over the nation’s strongest and most reliable 4G LTE network.
  • Remotely check and manage the devices and apps field service workers use, in real time.
  • Add new remote workers and locations to the network faster than you could with land lines.
Goal #2 Minimize Information Security Risk

How our mobility services can help:


  • Get reliable network to network connections to your most important data resources.
Goal #3 Meet the needs of mobile workers

How our mobility services can help:


  • Add advanced field service capabilities to the devices your team is already using. Avoid the need for added training or juggling between devices.
Goal #4 Improve Efficiency

How our mobility services can help:

  • Lighten the workload of your fleet drivers. Automate the handling of their logbooks.
  • Get near real-time vehicle diagnostic data. This can help reduce fuel usage and maintenance.
  • Give supervisors the information they need to design highly efficient routes.
Goal #5 Spend Less Time Putting out Fires

How our mobility services can help:

  • Deliver the near real-time communication tools your field service team needs. And, wrap them up in an easy to use, reliable package that doesn’t need a lot of training or technical knowledge.
  • Replace old field service tools with new ones that are more dependable, feature-rich and ready to grow with you.
  • Proactively monitor the status of your most valuable assets. Handle issues before they cause problems.
  • Make your critical data and applications available anytime, anywhere. Safeguard it from the unpredictable with effective disaster recovery options.

Executive/ Owner

Goal #1 Staying One Step Ahead of the Competition

How our mobility services can help:


  • Deliver customer service that is second to none. Always know where each member of your fleet is at any given time. Use that information to create efficient routes and assignments.
  • Boost sales by serving customers more quickly and accurately. Always be sure you are giving them the most up-to-date inventory information.
  • Get new locations and remote staff up and running quickly.
Goal #2 Increase Revenue and Market Share While Reducing Costs

How our mobility services can help:


  • Never lose another valuable asset. Use GPS tracking software and hardware to keep an eye on vehicles and other important equipment.
  • Reduce spending on network services – Replace traditional network connections for low bandwidth applications.

Why Choose AT&T Mobility and Enterprise Network Services from Intelligent Technologies, Inc?

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We’ve served the technology needs of SMBs for over 25 years. Additionally, AT&T has been around for over 100 years. And, in that time has served more than 3.5 million businesses, of all shapes and sizes.

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The human touch

If you need help with your AT&T network services, our friendly NC based staff will be there.  No more calling a busy 1-800 number just to be put on hold or wade through frustrating menus.

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Rest assured we have what it takes to meet your networking needs now and in the future. To become an AT&T solution provider, Intelligent Technologies, Inc. met stringent requirements. Then, a demanding on-boarding process trained us in AT&T products, services, & processes.

Plus, all this:


  • The AT&T network has the fewest dropped calls.
  • The AT&T network covers more than 99% of all Americans.
  • The AT&T network delivers fast speed and great reliability across its 4G LTE network.

Small and medium sized business love working with Intelligent Technologies, Inc.

With our old system, it was nearly impossible to get the sales, labor and other cost data we needed to guide the operation of our restaurant franchises. But, with the help of Intelligent Technologies, Inc., We now have software that does all the work for us. It delivers a ton of valuable information. automatically at the start of each business day, which helps us guide our operations and make smart decisions.

Rick Trant

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Intelligent Technologies is a personal service. Everyone has their field of expertise. The way things are done now is amazing, efficient, easy. One of my favorite things is that for all of us they are just a phone call away.

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