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Dynamics 365 Pricing Overview

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 pricing structure is flexible so you can customize it to your needs. And, because Dynamics 365 is so much more affordable than traditional ERP systems, you will finally be able to give access to everyone who should have it. As a result, productivity will increase, insight into your business will improve and your digital transformation will take a big leap forward.

With all the Dynamics 365 pricing options, it’s easy to start with just what you need now. But as your business grows, prepare to be amazed how well it adapts.

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Business Edition Pricing


If you want the Business Edition of Dynamics 365, you can choose from the following licensing options.

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Full User

Access everything the software offers for $40 per user per month.

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Team Members

Use workflows and perform basic tasks like timesheet entry for $8 per user per month.

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External Accountant

Give your outside accountant access to the data in Dynamics 365 they need to do their job. Free with a full user license.

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Enterprise Edition Pricing

With the Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition, you can choose to buy the software in a plan or as individual apps.  In general, plans are best for organizations who want to use Dynamics 365 to manage multiple areas of their business.  On the other hand, buying individual apps is suitable for business that want use the software for managing one specific aspect, or for completing a project.

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Important Note

When choosing between plan and app based licensing, also ask yourself, are you concerned about creating information gaps and silos within your organization?

Bottom Line: If you need Full User access to two or more applications, it becomes much more cost-effective to buy a plan, instead of app(s).

While the new Microsoft Dynamics cloud pricing structure offers unprecedented flexibility, increased visibility and some real savings potential, it can also seem quite confusing at first glance. So, if you have a headache from trying to decide which plan(s), user type(s) and edition meets your needs, let us help. Contact us below.

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