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Track and manage the entire distribution process with SalesPad Dynamics GP inventory add on.  Handle orders more efficiently and accurately. Enjoy full visibility into each workflow step. Ease the burden carried by your customer service and sales staff. Put the info they need most at their fingertips. Finding information is easy, thanks to the handy Excel style search capabilities. Moving operations out of Dynamics GP improves security and lowers per seat costs.  Since non-accounting employees will no longer need access.

Furthermore, SalesPad Desktop offers a user interface that is much like Dynamics GP. So, you don’t need to worry about spending a lot of time and money on retraining.


SalesPad Desktop, a Dynamics GP inventory add on is key to solving these common business issues:

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Dynamics GP seats are too expensive

SalesPad Desktop licenses cost about 30% less. And, they allow you to move your warehouse, customer service, sales and management teams out of GP. Think of how much that would save you!

You need tools that can keep up with you

SalesPad is flexible to fit your business now and expand as you grow. And, besides its impressive list of included features, SalesPad also offers many add-ons. These will help you meet your warehouse, payment processing, EDI and mobile needs.

Dynamics GP falls short

Get a better sales, buying, workflow, inventory & CRM experience.

Get more for less

SalesPad has many features not included out-of-the-box with GP. And, at a fraction of what it would cost you to buy more Dynamics GP licenses. Better yet, if you now use Dynamics GP, implementing SalesPad is a breeze. You don’t even have to transfer your data out of Dynamics GP to start using it in SalesPad Desktop. Since it connects to GP, it boosts productivity while reducing the risk for costly errors.

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Add-ons fuel growth

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As your needs change, you can stretch SalesPad’s functionality farther. The available add ons include:

  • SalesPad Mobile – Access all your sales, inventory and customer data from anywhere. Give users the full power of SalesPad in their pocket. With SalesPad Mobile your staff always has the information they need to get their job done.
  • DataCollection – Keep track of inventory transactions, like cycle counts, picking, and transferring goods. You can use any iOS or Windows device with a scanner. And never be left wondering whether your inventory is out of date.  DataCollection sends updates to Dynamics GP in real time.
  • ShipCenter – Increase the efficiency and accuracy of your shipping operations. ShipCenter erases the need for other tools such as FedEx Ship Manager or UPS World Ship. With it, you can issue tracking numbers and figure out shipping rates with ease. And again, all this information gets tied back to sales documents in Dynamics GP and updates in real time.
  • PayFabric – Take payments and tie them to Dynamics GP sales documents. And, for ease and peace of mind, you can store customers’ credit card information in a secure cloud network.
  • WebPortal – Extend SalesPad Desktop with a fast, easy to use web version of the software. Give external and internal users the power to access SalesPad from any browser. And, better yet, offer customers the choice to create their own transactions.
  • MobileReports – Access any important business data from your android device, iPhone or iPad. And, you can also create and share dashboards filled with the data that’s most important to you. Making well informed business decisions has never been easier.
  • ShipTo – Send products to your customers quickly and easily. Import shipment details into FedEx Ship Manager or UPS WorldShip. And then, create tracking numbers and get shipping rates for your sales orders.
  • Credit Card Advantage – Process credit cards and echecks inside of Dynamics GP. Get verification of electronic payments in seconds. And, connect your accounting solution to your credit card processing tool. Top notch security gives sensitive customer data the protection it deserves.
  • SalesPad EDI – Retail businesses, move data it into and out of SalesPad with ease. Connect to SPS commerce’s cloud tool and stop typing in sales, purchase orders, ASNs and invoices.

Learn more about these SalesPad Desktop add-ons and what they can do for you.

Fill in the Dynamics GP gaps

SalesPad Dynamics GP inventory add on gives distribution businesses what they need. It delivers:


  • Order and Quote Management – A simple yet flexible screen handles the sales process. Make edits to many tabs at once and give users all the information they need about a customer or sale in one place. Also, you can define and control the processes that each document must flow through.
  • Comprehensive Purchasing Features – Do you buy based on demand? Or, do you have a lot of nonstock orders? Create purchase orders or link to them from back ordered items on a sales document. SalesPad Desktop’s purchasing adviser module shows you what you need to buy next based on demand. It considers the reorder thresholds you set for each item. And, SalesPad simplifies the creation of purchase orders, so that you can be sure they get filled on time.
  • Increased visibility into your inventory – See everything inventory related at a glance. SalesPad Desktop gives you quick access to all aspects of your inventory. With a few clicks, you can see an item’s availability, demand trends, etc. without putting a customer on hold.
  • User-friendly CRM – If you need a 360° view of your customer interactions, you will love the CRM module. Track and categorize new opportunities, engage with prospects and close more deals. Also, it connects to Outlook to sync your emails and appointments.
  • Robust reporting functionality – To make smart decisions, you must track data. Flexible reporting tools help you keep tabs on the health of your business. These include, dashboards, heat maps, pie charts, pivot tables and much more.
  • Efficient counter sales – Quickly enter sales transactions. Scan barcodes, capture customer signatures, take payments and trigger the cash drawer. It’s an excellent choice for businesses that don’t need a full point of sale system.
  • Unlimited user-defined fields – Track important vendor, customer, contact, inventory, and purchase order information. As soon as a field is created, its data can be searched or reported on.
  • Advanced equipment tracking – Does your company, sell, service or support equipment? If it does, this module is perfect for you. It allows you to assign a piece of equipment to a customer. Then, track it and when repairs are needed, create service orders. Each piece of equipment your company sells has a unique record associated with it. That way, you have detailed audit trails at your fingertips. Use it with SalesPad mobile to let technicians see, edit and finish work orders while at a client site.
  • Flexible document workflow – Define rules each document type must follow to completed successfully. Use them to mark a document for review when a customer has an unfavorable payment history. Or, split a document that has many ship to addresses into separate orders, and much more.
  • Route planning and dispatch – Create and track deliveries, routes, and service stops. SalesPad Desktop gives you all the tools you need to manage your service vehicles. You can set their schedules, and perfect their routes for greatest efficiency. Drivers can also use it to see their routes, get to the next appointment, and see sales orders. Also, they can check in and out of appointments, which lets management keep an eye on the drivers’ progress.
  • Detailed manufacturing – Create orders, BOMs & routings that work with GP’s manufacturing module. Need to take the SalesPad’s manufacturing functionality one step further? The manufacturing configurator allows you to do that. With it you can create customizable manufacturing, bills of material as you go. It also supports distribution bills of materials, as well as assemblies.
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