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PaperSave Document Management Microsoft Dynamics GP add on is a complete document management, invoice automation and workflow solution that integrates seamlessly with Dynamics GP. It smartly combines document capture and transaction processing to cut time and effort from your current workflow. And, because Dynamics GP and PaperSave are built to work together, you can access all documents related to any GP record with a single click.



PaperSave is the key to solving these common business issues:

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Wasting time

PaperSave makes filing, searching for and accessing documents in Dynamics GP 30 percent faster.

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Running out of office space or spending too much on overhead

Open your eyes to the shockingly high cost of paper based processes.

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Relying on labor intensive collection processes

Serve clients more quickly and improve your employees’ productivity.

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Not having a standard document collection process

Automatically gather documents and send them through a standardized workflow so nothing slips through the cracks ever again.

Boost Productivity

PaperSave Document Management Microsoft Dynamics GP add on is a central repository for all documents (paper or digital).

It can:

  • Capture documents from any source—Enjoy the flexibility to gather documents from anywhere. The ScanNow tool allows you to scan existing documents. And, Auto-Entry makes it easy to input transactions straight from an image. So, you no longer need to keep hard copies of all your forms.
  • Connect with other systems– PaperSave works with ERP, CRM, Microsoft Outlook and Office. That way, you can collect documents from a variety of sources.
  • Simplify the process of searching for documents—Since all documents are stored together, everyone can quickly and easily find the information they need. And, Smartlists can even help you discover related documents.

Learn more about the many ways you can search for a document.

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Put money back in your piggybank

Manual, paper-based processes are expensive. The surprising fact is:

  • Filing a document costs $20 in labor.
  • Finding a missing document costs $120 in labor.
  • Recreating a lost document costs $220 in labor.
  • Filling a 4 drawer file cabinet costs $25,000.
  • Maintaining a four drawer file cabinet costs $2,300 a year.
  • Using a single fax machine costs $6,200

Going paperless with PaperSave Document Management Microsoft GP add on allows you to cut each of these costs. So, you can put money back into things that will actually help you drive your business forward.

Simplify data entry

Stop collecting payments via long, complicated paper intensive processes. PaperSave gives you a fully digitized way to handle this without all the headache and duplicate data entry. It’s perfect for even for the most complex, high volume IT environments. With PaperSave you can:

  • Shorten procurement to pay cycles – A completely automated process ensures that each cycle finishes. No further interaction from staff members needed.
  • Reduce processing costs – In business, time is money. PaperSave automates a variety of time-consuming tasks. With it, your staff becomes as efficient as possible.
  • Lower fraud risk – Gain visibility into every aspect of each transaction. Remove doubt from the equation.
  • End data entry mistakes – Trade in your manual data entry process in for an automated one to remove the risk of human error.
  • Access information instantly – PaperSave’s automatic record-keeping makes it easy to find whatever you need.
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Never again lose any mission-critical information

Automatically collect and store the documents that are most important to you. With PaperSave you can:


  • Reduce Your Procurement to Pay Cycle – When much of the process is automated, you can handle transactions and data much more quickly. Thereby, giving you and your customers a faster turnaround.
  • Maintain consistent practices – Ensure that each employee strictly adheres to standard processes everytime. That way, you can ensure that no mission critical steps will ever be missed.
  • Improve your audit trail – Track the audit history of each document that moves through your automated workflows. Full documentation of the process ensures that each employee can always be held accountable for his or her actions.
  • Never let an invoice fall through the cracks – PaperSave’s electronic workflow automates the entire document collection process. So, no more, invoices will get lost in the shuffle.
  • Clear your backlog – With simple approval processes and automated notifications, employees will always know as soon as approval has been received. No more wasting time making phone calls or sending email to approvers as reminders.
  • Take back control – Stop employees from trying to speed up the approval process by ignoring some of the rules. PaperSave gives managers full visibility into all documents always. The mobile app even allows them to approve documents on the go.

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