Combine all the financial information for each of your business entities into a single Dynamics GP database.

Achieve greater insight into your company’s financial performance and increase productivity with Binary Stream.



Even if yours is a fast-growing organization, Binary Stream Multi Entity Management system gives you a 360° view of your finances. No more moving from system to system or database to database to check the financial performance of each individual business entity. Instead, that information is stored and can be accessed all in one convenient location. Just imagine how much more you and your team could do in a single day, week, month, or year.



Binary Stream Multi Entity Management system is the key to solving these common business issues:

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Lack of insight into your business’ financial performance

Want to get a better understanding of your company’s financial health, but don’t have easy access to the numbers you need? With Binary Stream Multi Entity Management system, you can get instant insight into your company’s health without or costly reporting software or complex spreadsheets.
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Accounting tasks too labor intensive

Do you ever ask yourself, ‘why do even simple accounting tasks seem to take me forever’? Free yourself from productivity killing, bottom-line consuming tasks. Close your books in hours instead of days or even weeks, automate intercompany transactions and more.
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Growth causing costs to spiral out of control

A growing company is something to be proud of, but sometimes you reach a point where your existing systems cannot keep up. That’s where Binary Stream’s Multi Entity Management solution comes in. With it, you can meet your growing needs without adding to your IT overhead or spending a ton of money on an enterprise ERP.

Comprehensive financial information in the blink of an eye

Finally, get up to the minute reporting across all your business entities without all the time, effort and talent it takes to build specialized reports. Since Multi Entity Management collects all your financial information in one database, it’s much faster and simpler to create complete financial reports that include information on all your different companies, while keeping individual financial statements for each entity. Also, you have the capability to easily drill down into each business unit’s individual transactions with standard Dynamics GP reports. Already use another reporting solution? Good news, Binary Stream’s Multi Entity Management system makes using that easier as well, because with it you only have to connect your reporting software to one data source, instead of all your individual databases.
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Accounting simplified

Binary Stream’s Multi Entity Management system simplifies a variety of accounting tasks:

  • Month-end close – Closing your books is much faster and more accurate with Multi Entity Management. Because they no longer need to log in and out of each database individually, your accounting staff can rapidly create the reports they need to close the books at the end of each period. It also helps lessen the risk of miscategorized transactions, accounts being out of balance, and other common time-consuming mistakes. You can effortlessly create W-2s and 1099s and other tax documents. And, you also have the flexibility to close your books by entity.


  • Intercompany transaction workflow – Multi Entity Management from Binary Stream automates the workflow needed to process intercompany transactions. Each due from and due to transactions is generated and posted to the proper general ledger, and their allocations are taken care of for you. The system handles the flow of this information between your entities:
    • Fixed assets
    • Inventory
    • Bank transactions

Additionally, Multi Entity Management using the Bridge module now extends functionality for Intercompany Transactions to include:

  • Dealing in multiple functional currencies
  • Operating companies that have different fiscal year-ends
  • Using more than one chart of accounts structures
  • Using more than one inventory valuation method

    Also, voided transactions undo their associated intercompany distributions without any added input from you. And, full audit trail capabilities are available.


    • Payables and receivables processing – Binary Stream’s Multi Entity Management single database gives you the power to centrally process a variety of things, including receipts, payments, invoices, payroll, as well as purchase orders. For example, instead of sending several checks to a vendor, you can send one covering all your entities. Process, one purchase order for many business units. Apply one receipt from a customer to every entity. Or, process payroll for business as a whole and pay it through a central bank account. Centralize all processes or decentralize a few, the choice is yours.

Don’t let a growth spurt break the bank

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Expanding your company is a great thing. But, the increased costs you face once your accounting software is stretched to the brink. are not. Whether you’re growing by expansion or acquisition, Binary Stream’s Multi Entity Management system makes adding new entities in your accounting system easier than you ever thought possible. You won’t even have to ask for help from your IT team. Upgrading systems, creating back up copies of databases, and updating or adding master records is much faster when you have one database as opposed to 10, 100, or even more. A Multi Entity Management system from Binary Stream makes all of this possible without the huge capital expense that comes with purchasing and implementing an enterprise ERP system.

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Other important features.

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Rest easy knowing you have comprehensive entity level controls that only let users see the information you want them to. Multi Entity Management from Binary Stream offers transactional and structural security layers. Whenever you add a new business unit, all you must do is assign access to built in master records.
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Implementation choice

Binary Stream’s Multi Entity Management system gives you the choice to deploy it on premise, hosted, or in the public cloud. And, you can choose to buy either a monthly subscription or a perpetual license.
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Built from the ground up for Microsoft Dynamics

A Multi Entity Management system from Binary Stream is built using the same coding language as Dynamics GP, giving it an identical look and feel. Thus, the system is simple to set up, learn and use.
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20 years of experience

Binary Stream is a Microsoft Gold certified independent software vendor (ISV) and has won the Microsoft’s president’s club award seven times. It has built a strong reputation for developing useful applications that extend the capability of Dynamics GP. Thousands of businesses throughout the world count on Binary Stream’s solutions.

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