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AvaTax, an Avalara sales tax management solution is built to work from right inside the Microsoft Dynamics GP software you already own. Simply add AvaTax and you have the power to easily manage the whole sales tax process right from within your ERP. No adjusting your workflow, no learning a new system, and activation only takes a few minutes. With AvaTax for Microsoft Dynamics GP, you can say goodbye to incorrect and out of date ZIP code-based tax tables, and hello to a completely automated solution that delivers the right rate assignment, determines taxability, and completes remittance and filing, all from the cloud.


Avalara sales tax solutions are key to solving these common business issues:

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Spending too much time on tax activities

Have you ever actually sat down to calculate, or even estimate how much time your company spends on activities related to sales tax collection? If not, the results may shock you. A Forrester study surveying organizations that use ERP software (like Microsoft Dynamics GP) found that many of them had what amounted to two employees spending 70% of their work day manually invoicing customers and calculating sales tax.

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Making do with ERP built in sales tax functions that fall short

Many business accounting systems have some simple tax functionality built into them. However, they still need someone to manually input and/or update information. They also are often not set up to deal with more complicated tax decisions, leaving room for error.

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Relying on rate tables or DOR websites to stay up to date on tax rule changes

Finding the tax information you need on the Department of Revenue’s website or in rate tables is a big drain on your productivity. Particularly, if updating tax information in your ERP is something your accounting staff is unable to do with our help from IT. Or, if your business is growing into new geographic locations that have sales tax rates and laws you’re unfamiliar with.

Manually handling sales tax is time-consuming

Drastically reduce the amount of time your accounting team is spending researching and calculating sales tax with AvaTax, an Avalara sales tax add on for Dynamics GP. It is an easily scalable, subscription and cloud-based software service that’s designed to apply sales tax, as well as any necessary VAT in real time as the transaction is taking place.
And, because the entire system runs in the cloud, set up and integration is a breeze. You can get up and running quickly and erase the hardware costs that come with deploying new systems on premise.

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Extend your existing software

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AvaTax, an Avalara sales tax solution connects seamlessly with your existing business systems, including Microsoft Dynamics GP and removes all the guesswork that comes with handling sales tax. Each rate is figured out behind the scenes and automatically applied to the transaction.

Concerned about security, or that this background process will slow down your transaction processing time? Don’t be. AvaTax does its work behind the scenes using an encrypted, secure Internet connection that won’t impede your existing workflow. Additionally, secure, centralized management allows tax schedules for any new locations you start doing business in to be automatically maintained and assigned.

Always have the most up to date information at your fingertips

Never again worry about tracking rates, tax holidays or constantly changing rules. AvaTax, an Avalara sales tax solution regularly updates data, making up-to-the-minute sales tax information available to you automatically. Reduce your audit risk by using advanced address verification, sourcing and taxability determination, as well as jurisdiction assignment tools.

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Other important features

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Address validation

AvaTax’s advanced calculation engine delivers the most up-to-date and exact address data available anywhere. Addresses keyed into the system are automatically checked for incorrect street names, spelling errors and are fixed as needed. Also, five-digit ZIP codes are expanded to nine-digit format for improved accuracy.

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Sourcing rules

Thanks to the latest geocoding technology, the addresses where your transactions take place are carefully positioned within their exact jurisdiction boundary. This geo-positioning is the basis for Avalara sales tax soltions’ extremely precise tax rate identification.

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Jurisdiction assignment

AvaTax, an Avalara sales tax solution includes a thoroughly researched and validated system of tax codes to ensure that the correct rates are calculated and applied to for each one of your transactions.

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Product taxability

Rest easy knowing you will receive the most exact assignment of tax rates for each of your transactions. AvaTax, an Avalara sales tax solution delivers the up to the minute information for handling origin-based, destination based and hybrid sourcing rules.

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Easily create accurate summary or detailed reports on demand. And then, export these reports as needed for filing. Or, if you would prefer a completely automated sales tax solution, use Avalara Returns in tandem with AvaTax. Avalara will then take care of all your filings for you.

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