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BizNet Excel Reporting for Dynamics GP

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Biznet, takes your Microsoft Excel reporting to the next level, making it easier and faster than ever before.


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You can connect BizNet to literally any data your heart desires, Microsoft Dynamics GP data, data you have stored in a cloud app, a CSV workbook – anything. Bring your data into Excel quickly and easily. Just drag and drop. Then you can slice it, dice, it, and analyze it until your heart’s content.

Reporting in Excel is time-consuming

Building reports that use data from multiple sources from scratch in Excel can take 20 hours or more. But, with BizNet’s easy-to-use report builder, you can quickly generate reports that are accurate, easily updatable and shareable. In short, you can ask your data any question you want in plain English, and get the answer in the blink of an eye. Isn’t it time you spent more time analyzing your reports and less time building them?

Screenshot of a BizNet query

No drill down capabilities for further analysis

drilling down into the numbers of a BizNet report

Isn’t the point of any good report to give you a true understanding of the data it contains? With a plain spreadsheet, you can’t easily see the numbers behind the numbers. But, BizNet allows you to drill down into any number in your report, for deeper insight.

Excel reports can quickly become outdated and full of errors

Repetitive cutting and pasting can lead to inaccurate data. BizNet connectors allow you to connect directly to the data that you need for your report. Simply drag-and-drop and start analyzing. Also, because they are directly connected to the data, your reports will always be up-to-date.

connected database

Excel reports are hard to share

Ways to share BizNet reports

No more, creating reports, and then manually converting and emailing them. BizNet gives you the power to send everyone a personal email with the report they want in the format they expect, with just one click.

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