Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 Additional Packs for Accounts Receivable Management and More: What they are and what they offer

The additional Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 packs, each of which are available for one time flat fees, allow businesses to expand their Dynamics GP solution beyond what’s included in the Starter and Extended Packs. The additional packs available for Dynamics GP 2016 are:

  • Customization Pack—Designed for organizations that want to customize Dynamics GP or integrate it with other business management systems.
  • Extended Human Resources and Payroll Pack—Designed for businesses that require greater flexibility in how they pay and manage employees.

Below is a table listing each of Dynamics GP 2016’s Additional Packs, along with their included modules. Click any of the links in the table to get a more detailed description of what each module does.

Pack NameIncluded Modules
Customization Pack
  • Integration Suite
  • Customization Suite
Extended Human Resource and Payroll
  • HR Advanced
  • Payroll Advanced
  • PTO Manager
  • Benefits Management

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