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Acumatica Project Accounting Software Overview

If you are a business that does projects, such as a law firm, construction or engineering firm, Acumatica’s project accounting solution is for you. With this tool, gone are the days where you have to log in and out of multiple systems to keep track of the moving parts in a project. And, because Acumatica Project Accounting Software is a complete end-to-end solution, it delivers unsurpassed visibility into your project’s financial performance.

Applications Included in Acumatica’s Project Accounting Suite

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  • Advanced Billing – Handle any billing scheme with ease. Edit billing rates based on an inventory item, project, employee, task or account group. Set specific labor and materials rates for each customer or project contract.
  • Project Cost Tracking – Get a 360° view of all costs related to each project. Define formulas to distribute shared and overhead across all projects.
  • Time and Expense Management – Let employees, contractors and outside partners submit timesheets from any device with a web browser.

Advanced Billing Application Included in Acumatica Project Accounting Software

Creating a bill in Acumatica Project Accounting module

Creating a bill

Key Features

  • Multiple Rates – Define various rate tables for specific tasks or projects for improved flexibility.
  • Billing Markup – Vary markup based on service type, and labor. Set it at the customer level.
  • Billing Periods – Set custom statement cycles for your customers, or bill projects on a quarterly, monthly or weekly basis.
  • Automated Billing—Create invoices at the right time.  Reduce errors, save time and increase cash flow.
  • Transaction Reversal—Fix incorrect charges and regenerate invoices automatically.

How Acumatica’s Advanced Billing Application Helps Your Business

  • Bill more accurately— Handle the most complicated billing schemes with ease. Calculate revenue based on the specifics of each project.
  • Improve revenue recognition – Recognize revenue on the percentage of the project that has been completed or the tasks that have been done. Let the system create the needed GL entries.
  • Increase flexibility – Bill projects in whatever way makes the most sense for the situation, cost-plus or fixed price. If you bill on a cost basis, it is easy to set caps for each project.

Project Cost Tracking Application Included in Acumatica Project Accounting Software

Key Features

  • Task Definition – Set up tasks common to every project or unique to one. Assign billing rates by the individual, job role or project to calculate revenue.
  • Resource Management – Select options and billing rules for each task in a project. Assign the resources to a project, like machines, employees, and project managers.
  • Expense Allocation – Split overhead and shared expenses among projects, including billable and nonbillable items.
  • Work in Progress Support – Track accumulated, but not yet billed costs to make sure nothing falls through the cracks.
  • Task Control– Easily add activities to a project with the CRM or project accounting modules. Because all Acumatica modules connect, the information flows seamlessly through the system.
  • Project and Task Templates – Quickly create new projects from a master template. Choose the equipment, people, billing and budget set up that makes the most sense for each unique situation.
Entering a task into Acumatica Project Accounting software

Entering a task

How Acumatica Project Cost Tracking Helps Your Business

  • Handle projects of any size with ease – Acumatica gives you everything you need to manage large, small, internal or external projects.  It can even handle those that use more than one currency.
  • Better tracking of billable revenue – With Acumatica, you can track future revenue throughout each stage of a project. If you use complex pricing models, don’t worry. Acumatica is set up to handle even the most detailed pricing structures.
  • Improve cost visibility – See all the costs tied to each project in one place.  Compare actual costs with original and revised budgets to help keep the project on track.
  • Boost productivity – Make it easy for people working on the job site to submit timesheets and work orders. All they need is a web browser and an Internet connection.

Time and Expense Management Application Included in Acumatica Project Accounting Software

Entering an employee time card

Entering an employee time card

Key Features

  • Approvals – Assign each project task an approver.  Then, set up a workflow that handles the approval process according to the rules you define. Approved activities can be posted to projects, contracts, cases or customers. The system will create the transactions and invoices.
  • Anytime, Anywhere Access – Allow staff to enter their time and expenses anytime, anywhere with a mobile app or web browser. When these items can be entered right away, accuracy and efficiency are improved.
  • Labor Assignment – Assign labor hours to specific projects or tasks. Keep better track of the amount of labor that should be billed for each project.
  • Budget Integration – Timesheets link directly to specific budgets and projects in Acumatica. That way, you can see at a glance if your labor costs are getting out of control.
  • Audit Trail – Records cannot be changed once they have been entered. The only way to make corrections is through adjusting entries. Also, Acumatica stores the ID of the user who entered the transaction and anyone who later made adjustments.

How Acumatica Time and Expense Management Application Helps Your Business

  • Efficient expense claim processing – Your staff can submit their expenses, including receipts with ease through the Acumatica mobile app. Once an expense record has been created, the system will take it through the approval process you set. Upon approval, Acumatica will create AP records and invoices.
  • Improve productivity – Staff and contractors can enter their time from anywhere. They no longer have to come back to the office. Instead, they can use their mobile device or any laptop with a browser. No matter how time and expense records are entered, they will follow the approval process you choose.
  • Improve record-keeping – Time and expenses are automatically sent for approval as soon as they’re entered. Once approved, the system can update the contract status and create an invoice for you.

How Acumatica Project Accounting Software Helps Your Business

  • Improve budget reporting – Get a real-time view of actual versus budgeted costs for each project. Track a wide variety of costs, including services, labor, inventory, nonstock items and more. See right away if you’re spending gets off track.
  • Tighten control over project costs – See at a glance at all project costs, including inventory, labor, materials, services, and more.
  • Improve billing accuracy – Set up billing rates for each employee, customer or type of work.  You can even choose a unique rate for one project. Recognize revenue as the project moves toward completion.

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Goal #1 Reduce Costs

How Acumatica Project Accounting Software can help:

  • Acumatica’s open API means it is simpler and less expensive to customize than a legacy system.
  • Since Acumatica is a user friendly, web-based system you can spend less time and money training your staff on how to use it.
  • Don’t break the bank buying your business management system up front. Acumatica offers many licensing and deployment options. So, you can choose the one that fits your budget best.
Goal #2 Increase Productivity

How Acumatica Project Accounting Software can help:

  • Shorten the time you spend on month-end reporting. That way, you can focus more on analyzing data and making decisions that drive the business forward.
  • Automate and streamline the invoicing process, boost customer and employee satisfaction.
  • If your projects take you outside of the office, no need to worry. You can take Acumatica with you. It’s available on any device with an Internet connection.
  • Acumatica makes it easy to handle multiple currencies. If you do business globally, this will reduce you and your staff’s administrative workload.


Goal #1 Staying One Step Ahead of the Competition

How Acumatica Project Accounting Software can help:

  • Get real insight into your revenue and costs. Create customized reports to suit your needs even if you have multiple entities.
  • Your competitors don’t stop at 5 o’clock, and neither do you. Give your staff access to Acumatica from anywhere.
  • Acumatica is a web-based system. So, if the unthinkable happens, you can rest easy knowing disaster recovery is built right in.
Goal #2 Increase Revenue and Market Share While Reducing Costs

How Acumatica Project Accounting Software can help:

  • Robust reporting gives you an in-depth look at your projects’ profitability. Discover where to you should adjust to help your bottom line.
  • Enter new markets without worrying about how to handle the accounting. Acumatica offers multicurrency reporting and consolidation out of the box.

Why Choose Acumatica from Intelligent Technologies, Inc?

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We’ve served the technology needs of SMBs for over 25 years. Since the beginning, ERP and CRM systems have been the focus of our business. No matter how complex your needs, chances are we have tackled something similar before. If you need customizations, our expert staff can help with those as well.

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The human touch

Should you need help with Acumatica, our friendly NC based staff will there for you. No more searching for an answer yourself, or wasting time trying to figure out who you should call.

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Be assured we have what it takes to meet your ERP needs now and as your business grows. Our team has been implementing and supporting ERP systems since 1991.


Acumatica believes that ERP business solutions cannot reach their full potential unless everyone in your organization, and even important stakeholders outside of it have access to the information they need. So, Acumatica pricing is not based on the number of users you have, but rather on the features and resources you use.

Acumatica pricing is based on these three factors

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What type of license do you want?

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What applications you want access to right away?

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How much computing power and data storage will you need?

The available license choices are


  • A SaaS subscription (pay an annual fee to run the software on the public cloud)
  • Private cloud subscription (pay an annual fee to run the software on premise or through a hosting provider)
  • Private perpetual license (pay a onetime fee for the license upfront plus, recurring annual maintenance for the software and deploy it on your own servers or with a hosting provider) This option is similar to how most legacy ERP packages are purchased.

How much computing power you’ll need is based on your transaction volume.

Small and medium sized business love working with Intelligent Technologies, Inc.

With our old system, it was nearly impossible to get the sales, labor and other cost data we needed to guide the operation of our restaurant franchises. But, with the help of Intelligent Technologies, Inc., We now have software that does all the work for us. It delivers a ton of valuable information. automatically at the start of each business day, which helps us guide our operations and make smart decisions.

Rick Trant

Director of Operations, Platinum Corral, LLC

Intelligent Technologies is a personal service. Everyone has their field of expertise. The way things are done now is amazing, efficient, easy. One of my favorite things is that for all of us they are just a phone call away.

Melissa Avent

Clemmons Pallet and Skid Works


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Acumatica Project Accounting Software Overview

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