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Acumatica Manufacturing ERP Software Overview

Acumatica is a robust cloud solution for manufacturers of all types. No matter whether you are a make to order, make to stock, project centric, batch, engineer to order or repetitive manufacturer, Acumatica has the tools you need to coordinate your processes in real time.

Applications Included in Acumatica’s Manufacturing Suite


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  • Advanced planning and scheduling – Meet customer’s demands with realistic delivery dates based on current availability of resources.
  • Bill of material and routings – Better handle your inventory, processes and costs. Get both fiscal and engineering views of your product structure.
  • Estimating – Create estimates fast. Copy any you’ve used in the past for a new project.  Or, you can turn them into bills of material or production orders.
  • Materials requirements planning – Maintain the inventory levels you need to keep customers happy without wasting resources.
  • Order management – Automate order fulfilment, streamline your procurement process and sales activities.
  • Product configurator – If you make complex items this tool is for you.  It will help you avoid confusion and improve your quality. Use it to set a product’s correct options, features and dimensions.
  • Production management – Schedule productions and track their costs. Compare planned production to actual costs at a glance. Use this data to find issues and learn how to be more efficient.

Advanced Planning and Scheduling Application Included with Acumatica Manufacturing ERP Software

Acumatica Manufacturing ERP Software Work Center Dispatch Report example

Work Center Dispatch Report example

Key Features


  • Tools scheduling – If a production process requires tooling, schedule it ahead of time to avoid confusion or delays.
  • Workcenter capacity planning – Let Acumatica keep an eye on your workcenter for you.
  • Machine scheduling – Avoid conflicts, schedule machines only when it and the person who runs it are available.
  • What if scenarios – Create forecasts and avoid issues before they become a problem. Choose exacly what you want to test.

How Acumatica’s Advanced Planning and Scheduling Application Helps Your Business



  • Improve capacity planning – Be sure you can meet your master schedule’s requirements.
  • Improve efficiency – Compare your workcenter’s available hours to the hours it’s used.
  • Improve capacity scheduling – Know exactly how much you can produce in a certain time, given the resources you have on hand.

Bill of Materials (BOM) and Routing Application Included with Acumatica Manufacturing ERP Software

Key Features


  • Production steps – Avoid mistakes, document the entire production process with detailed instructions.
  • Revision control – Keep track of all the changes made to bills of material. View multiple revisions and the reason for each.
  • Reference designators – Link a part number to the right BOM component part. Avoid confusion and lower the risk of listing the same item twice on the bill of materials.
  • Expiration and effectivity dates – For phase in and phase out content changes, control material usage and planning.
  • Phantoms – Simplify the maintenance and structure of a related group of parts and materials. When writing a planning BOM, production can skip these items to allocate and plan components.
  • Flexible copy BOM – Easily set up new items like existing ones. Copy a BOM to make a new one.
  • Bill of material costs roll – Roll the costs of lower-level items up into the costs of higher-level ones. With standard costs, the system will automatically update the cost data for each inventory item.
Acumatica Manufacturing ERP Software Bill of Materials window

Bill of Materials (BOM) example

How Acumatica’s Bill of Materials and Routing Application Helps Your Business



  • Dig deeper into costs – Figure standard, actual and average costs. Include all overhead and tooling costs for a more complete picture.
  • Streamline (BOM) – Link work instructions, overhead costs and materials to an operation. Allow for the timed release of materials. Also, costed and engineering views of the BOM let you to see the whole product structure at once.

Estimating Application Included with Acumatica Manufacturing ERP Software

Key Features


  • Non-inventory item estimates – Estimate the cost of items you don’t carry. Link item attributes, notes and files to the estimate for quick access.
  • Add new inventory items – Quickly turn non-inventory items into nonstock or stock. Then create a BOM from your estimate.
  • Multisite – Generate estimates for all your company locations, not just one.
  • Production order creation – Turn an estimate into a production order with ease.
  • CRM integration – Link estimates to an opportunity or a sales order in the CRM module. Quckly turn an estimate into a sales order.

How Acumatica’s Estimating Application Helps Your Business


  • Speed up your response time – Copy or change an existing BOM, estimate or production order bill of material to make a new estimate. Save time, avoid reinventing the wheel each time.
  • Create better estimates – Let many people work on an estimate without losing track of changes or who made them. Include all overhead, labor and material costs.
  • Increase flexibility – Create the estimate type that fits your business best. You can choose from detailed, summary or custom.

Materials Requirements Planning Application Included with Acumatica Manufacturing ERP Software

Key Features


  • Master production schedule – Drive your plant activities from one schedule. Use it as the basis for all demand requirements.
  • Exception messages – Ship orders on time and keep everything running smoothly. Acumatica creates a list of recommended actions, telling you to cancel, expedite or delay supply orders as needed. Use them to find issues and see when to shift items between warehouses.
  • Sales forecasts – Forecasts drive the master schedule. Develop them manually or base them off of sales history. The choice is yours.
  • Materials requirement planning detail – Drill down to see all the details in your MRP. Look at all requirements, orders, recommendations, activities and balances for any inventory item.
Acumatica Manufacturing ERP Software MRP report example

Materials Requirement Planning report

How Acumatica’s Materials Requirement Planning Application Helps Your Business


  •  Plan smarter – Consider the requirements for every item. Unlike some other MRP systems, Acumatica does not group requirements, so you never lose sight of the little details.
  • Improve visibility – See all supply and demand data at a glance. Create purchase and production orders from a single screen.
  • Improve operations – Robust planning capabilities ensure that each of your requirements considered and met before production starts.

Product Configurator Application Included with Acumatica Manufacturing ERP Software

Acumatica Manufacturing ERP Software Product Configurator

Selecting product options in the Product Configurator window

Key Features


  • Order history and look up – Quickly find a customer’s past orders and copy them into new ones. Reduce the amount of data entry your staff must do.
  • Configure to order – Using the options you define, configure any item to the customer’s needs. Carry these choices through to a production order.
  • Formula validation – Check calculations against the maximum and minimum quantities or attribute values you set.
  • Multilevel configuration – Allow for complex configurations of non-phantom, regular items. Create more than one production order for each with ease.
  • Dimensional capability – Calculate material requirements for product configuration using multidimensional calculations.

How Acumatica’s Product Configurator Application Helps Your Business


  • Configure orders more efficiently – Copy and edit orders or quotes to create a new one with little effort.
  • Improve pricing accuracy – Use a variety of rollup capabilities to help you calculate a price that includes the unique features and options the customer chooses.
  • Improve control – Let multiple users work on the same configuration at once. Avoid having several copies of the same document and track of who makes each change.

Production Management Application Included with Acumatica Manufacturing ERP Software

Acumatica Manufacturing ERP Software Production Management

Production Order example. See budgeted vs. actual costs at a glance. 

Key Features


  • Critical materials – See at a glance where you have shortages. Easily create purchase and production orders for those items.
  • Material tracking – Link nonstock and stock materials or parts to a production order. For items tied to a serial or lot number, the system will make a note of those.
  • Labor tracking – Assign the time your employees spend actively working in production to the right orders. Make it easy for staff to track and enter administrative time using separate codes.
  • Production order changes – Manufacture to earlier BOM revisions, swap out materials and operations as you need to.
  • Lot and serial tracking – Track items with serial and lot tracing. Capture the numbers during shop transactions when inventory issues arise or when you get a purchase receipt.
  • Back flushing labor and material – Once you reach your production quantity, stop reporting by back flushing material or labor. Use this if you only want to know the production quantity.
  • Event audit trail – Link all production activities with an order. Capture details like the user ID of the person who did the activity, a description of what they did, the time and date.
  • Barcodes – Use them to collect and record material, labor and inventory transactions.

How Acumatica’s Production Management Application Helps Your Business


  • Improve order tracking – Get a complete picture of manufacturing costs, including machine, tool, material, labor, overhead and others.
  • Boost performance – Learn how well you’re doing with a variety of out-of-the-box reports. For example, you can get detailed data many on actual versus planned costs like  overhead, labor, tools and more.
  • Schedule smarter – Choose the method that works best for you. Acumatica supports both backwards and forwards scheduling schemes.

Order Management Application Included with Acumatica Manufacturing ERP Software

Key Features


  • Vendor bidding – Speed up bidding by emailing requests to vendors. Buy from a single vendor or get each product from a different one, whichever makes the most sense.
  • Sales orders – Handle sales in one place. Enter quotes, sales orders, generate shipments, apply discounts, track prices and check stock, without leaving the system.
  • Purchasing integration – Tie POs to sales orders and link stock to orders. Let the system create POs or you can link them on your own. Hold sales orders until you get a PO from the customer.
  • Requisitioning – Let the system handle your requistions for you.  It can collect bids and orders, approve and send quotes, create POs and receiving items. Let users pick any item from your catalog, limit their choices and write custom descriptions.
  • Credit limit verification – Check credit limits during order processing. Once you’re paid the credit hold will end. But, if they need to users can override this.
  • Audit trail – Store the user IDs of anyone who enters quotes or changes a record. You can also easily attach notes and supporting information.
  • CRM – Without re-entering data, quickly turn CRM opportunities into sales orders.  Since you’re working from one database, it is easy to find orders and check their details. This will help you deliver faster service, boosting client satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Integrated workflow – Take the hassle out of order processing. Set the rules that fit your business needs and the system does the rest.
Sales Order in Acumatica Manufacturing ERP Software

Setting up a Sales Order for a product to be manufactured 

How Acumatica’s Order Management Application Helps Your Business


  •  Simplify pricing – Choose the pricing types and logic that work best for you. Acumatica can apply the best available discount with no added input from your staff. Apply discounts in one or many currencies and choose when to allow for price overrides.
  • See your true costs – View profits by business unit, product line or location. Real-time data makes it easy to adapt to pricing changes.
  • Avoid order delays – Automate the handling of sales and shipping orders. Set rules that tell the system how you want to treat drop shipments, returns, credit limits and more.
  • Improve efficiency – Put an end to lengthy PO processes. Generate them automatically or turn an approved quote in a sales order with one click.

How Acumatica Manufacturing ERP Software Helps Your Business


  • Delight customers – Discover the inventory levels you should maintain to meet customer demand.
  • Single version of the truth – Acumatica is a connected solution.  It gives you the tools to manage your entire business. Thanks to its shared database, you’ll never wonder if the data have is out of date or untrue.
  • Grow painlessly – Acumatica Manufacturing solution is a complete modular solution that easily scales and adapts to meet your needs as your business grows.

Click the Goals Beneath Your Role to Learn How Acumatica Manufacturing Suite Helps You Meet Them


Goal #1 Reduce Costs

How Acumatica manufacturing ERP software can help:

  • Take back the labor hours you used to take physical inventory. Acumatica shows you your stock levels in real-time.
  • Reduce training expenses. Since Acumatica is a browser-based system, its interface is user-friendly and intuitive. This means your staff will not need a lot of additional training to get up to speed.
Goal #2 Increase Productivity

How Acumatica manufacturing ERP software can help:

  • Take back the labor hours you used to take physical inventory. Acumatica shows you your stock levels in real-time.
  • Reduce training expenses. Since Acumatica is a browser-based system, its interface is user-friendly and intuitive. This means your staff will not need a lot of additional training to get up to speed.


Goal #1 Staying One Step Ahead of the Competition

How Acumatica manufacturing ERP software can help:

  • Don’t let work come to a grinding halt just because you’re away from the office. Acumatica is available anytime, anywhere you have an Internet connection.
  • Because it connects directly with point-of-sale systems, Acumatica can give you a deep insight into your sales. Look for trends and make adjustments before issues turning into big problems.
  • Strengthen your supply chain from beginning to end. Remove bottlenecks and inefficiencies
  • Since Acumatica does not charge per user, you can extend access to all the important people in your supply chain. So, everyone’s on the same page without lengthy email chains or telephone calls.
Goal #2 Increase Revenue and Market Share While Reducing Costs

How Acumatica manufacturing ERP software can help:

  • Simplify your order processing workflow. Build a reputation for fast and effective service.

Why Choose Acumatica from Intelligent Technologies, Inc?

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We’ve served the technology needs of SMBs for over 25 years. Since the beginning, ERP and CRM systems have been the focus of our business. No matter how complex your needs, chances are we have tackled something similar before. If you need customizations, our expert staff can help with those as well.

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The human touch

Should you need help with Acumatica, our friendly NC based staff will there for you. No more searching for an answer yourself, or wasting time trying to figure out who you should call.

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Be assured we have what it takes to meet your ERP needs now and as your business grows. Our team has been implementing and supporting ERP systems since 1991.



Acumatica believes that ERP business solutions cannot reach their full potential unless everyone in your organization, and even important stakeholders outside of it have access to the information they need. So, Acumatica pricing is not based on the number of users you have, but rather on the features and resources you use.


Acumatica pricing is based on these three factors

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What type of license do you want?

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What applications you want access to right away?

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How much computing power and data storage will you need?

The available license choices are


  • A SaaS subscription (pay an annual fee to run the software on the public cloud)
  • Private cloud subscription (pay an annual fee to run the software on premise or through a hosting provider)
  • Private perpetual license (pay a onetime fee for the license upfront plus, recurring annual maintenance for the software and deploy it on your own servers or with a hosting provider) This option is similar to how most legacy ERP packages are purchased.

How much computing power you’ll need is based on your transaction volume.

Small and medium sized business love working with Intelligent Technologies, Inc.

With our old system, we constantly struggled with reporting. It would take us hours each day to gather the information we need to effectively run our restaurant franchises. Now, all that reporting happens automatically. The reports provide our staff with a window into the performance of each location, making it easy for them to see at a glance what we’re doing right and what we need to improve. Armed with this knowledge, we can respond to changing market conditions faster than we ever thought possible.

Rick Trant

Director of Operations, Platinum Corral, LLC

With Intelligent Technologies, Inc’s help, we have been able to grow our portfolio of restaurants to 25 while still keeping our staff small.  The connected business systems they’ve given us allow us to operate very efficiently while strengthening our security and eliminating errors.

Amy Lampe

CEO, Tacoma


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