Connect your field services and back office.


Improve efficiency and customer satisfaction.


Acumatica Field Service Software Overview

Link accounting, sales, buying and inventory to field services. Deliver the helpful and timely service your customers want. Boost loyalty for a real competitive advantage. Also, robust reporting gives you a 360-degree view of the customer experience and a closer look into how your field services add to the bottom line.

Applications Included in Acumatica Field Service Software Suite

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  • Service management—Get the right people to the right job every time with the visual Dispatch Calendar Board.
  • Equipment management—Track all products you need to keep up with your preventative maintenance and customer schedules. This tool is an add on, sold separately from Acumatica.

Equipment Management Application Included with Acumatica Field Service Software

Creating invoices in Acumatica Field Service Software

Creating invoices

Key Features

  • Master contracts – Combine a customer’s various contracts.
  • Service contracts – Handle multiple service schedules for each of your customers based on location.
  • Service template – Create templates for services that go together, or you offer often.
  • Invoicing – Create invoices for all labor and parts related to the service you provide each customer.
  • Appointment generator – Make appointments for each of your service contracts. Drill down in the details to check if a component got the service it needed.
  • Warranty management – Create warranties and define what is covered and what is not to avoid unnecessary charges, objections and confusion. Classes of warranties can be mixed on the same service order. For example, you might have a five-year warranty on parts and a one-year warranty on labor.
  • Mobile service management – Keep your field staff in the loop. Send updated information about orders or appointments to any mobile device.
  • Service parts – Automatically source parts and get access to your existing inventory.

How Acumatica’s Equipment Management Application Helps Your Business


  • Better preventive maintenance handling – Create a schedule and link it to recurring maintenance contracts.
  • Better equipment tracking – Keep tabs on each piece of equipment or product you have. See at a glance the make and model, serial numbers, sale date, vendor, warranties and installation date, even at the component level.
  • Improve warranty handling – Never bill for parts and labor that are under warranty. Track warranty classes based on equipment model.
  • Increased efficiency – Give your service team access to the information they need most, anywhere in the world, on any device.

Service Management Application Included with Acumatica Field Service Software

Key Features

  • Staff Dashboards – Keep your staff connected no matter where they are. Make it easy for them to view their schedules on their mobile device. You can even send them a text message or email to let them know of certain events like appointment confirmations or bookings.
  • Mobile Service Management – Put the native android or iPad apps in the hands of your service technicians, so that they can access customer data anytime, anywhere.
  • Warranty Management – Set up warranties for each of your customers. Specify which parts are under warranty and for how long so that you never accidentally charge a customer for a part of that should be covered.
  • Tools and Resources – Get a warning if any tool or resource becomes unavailable. Make smart decisions about when to schedule services that need those things.
  • Service contract management – Set and manage several service schedules for each customer. Create, plan and adjust appointments using the Dispatch Calendar Board. Choose which staff and resources you need for each job.
  • Scheduling, dispatching and call center – Quickly access your customers’ product histories and other personal information. Shorten the time that passes between getting a service call and assigning the job to a technician. Design smart schedules with the visual Dispatch Calendar Board.
  • Equipment maintenance – Save all the details of the equipment you have installed at each customer locations.  See at a glance the repair parts you have on hand. Link equipment to recurring contracts and schedules.
Acumatica Field Service Software appointment screen

Appointment screen in Acumatica Field Service mobile app

How Acumatica’s Service Management Application Helps Your Business


  • Increase flexibility – Since Acumatica is web-based, your team can use it anytime, anywhere on any device.
  • Improve scheduling and dispatching – Acumatica’s visual Dispatch Calendar Board is an easy-to-use tool that make sure you send the right people and equipment to a job every time.
  • Better equipment maintenance – Be sure you have equipment and resources available when you need them. Boost customer satisfaction and reduce the likelihood of emergency service calls.

How Acumatica’s Field Service Management Application Helps Your Business


  • Route planning – Perfect your routes and appointments. Plot them on Google maps for each service technician to see along with a list of resources they’ll need. Optimize driving time to boost efficiency. Dynamically adjust the routes to respond to changes in traffic conditions. Color coding makes it easy for dispatchers to see order statuses and quickly make route changes to meet customer needs.
  • Google maps – Your staff are probably already familiar with this popular map tool. Speed training time and boost efficiency by using it to run your field services operation. Enjoy real time visual data about drivetime, location and more. Any changes you make to your staff’s routes are instantly available on their mobile device.
  • Call center dispatching and scheduling – Getting the right people with the right skills to the right job can be a challenge. But not with Acumatica. The system’s field service tools make it easy to access customer information, a list of resources needed to perform the job and product history.  So, you can shorten the time between when you receive a service call from a customer and assign the job to a technician. Easy to use visual tools make it simple for the dispatch team to create the schedule for the day. They can even colorcode items to match their status.
  • Emergency service calls – Easily add unplanned service calls to the schedule. See at a glance how your changes will affect the entire service team. Fit emergency calls in when they’ll have the least impact on the overall schedule.
  • Mobile service management – Keep field team members workers in the loop. They can access the system with any device that has a web browser, or use the Android or iPad apps. Whether you want them to use laptops or smartphones, your technicians will always have access to the latest service and customer information.
  • Equipment maintenance – Track the history of all equipment you have at each customer location. Check which repair parts you have in stock. Since Acumatica is an end-to-end system, you can see every customer interaction from before they bought from you all the way through each service call and preventative maintenance visit. If there are maintenance tasks you must do regularly, you can create recurring schedules and contracts to handle those.
  • Service contract management – For many service businesses, recurring contracts are a large source of income. So, it is key that renewal dates and other important details do not slip through the cracks. Acumatica will alert you when contracts are about to expire. You can also make appointments using the Schedule Dispatch Calendar Board and keep multiple service schedules for each customer.
  • Warranty management – Keeping track of warranties and managing them can be tough. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. With Acumatica, you can easily set up warranties that spell out what is covered and what is not.  This helps to avoid confusion, objections and incorrect charges. You can even have differing warranty periods for various components, which helps improve customer satisfaction and billing accuracy.
  • Team approach – Since CRM is baked into Acumatica, not an afterthought, you can get a 360° view of all customer interactions. Everything from quoting, marketing, building, installing, and field services can be tracked. And, while you enter new orders you can easily set up an appointment for installation.
  • Dashboards and business intelligence – Turn raw data into engaging visuals. Track progress and look for trends. Personalized dashboards help cut down on noise and surface the data important to each user. Plus, if you connect the system to Microsoft Power BI you can analyze data from multiple sources.
  • Track project costs – Large installations are often tricky because they and require a great deal of equipment, people and tasks. Acumatica makes keeping tabs on all this easier.  Time, materials and labor expense can be tracked in the Acumatica project accounting application (sold as an add-on). This makes it easy to compare expected with actual costs and get real-time budget details

Click the Goals Beneath Your Role to Learn How Acumatica Field Service Suite Helps You Meet Them


Goal #1 Reduce Costs

How Acumatica Financial Management Suite can help:

  • With improved inventory control, you can maintain the best stock level for your business. Stop wasting money over ordering items or losing sales because you don’t have stock on hand when a customer needs it.
  • Reduce IT costs. Because Acumatica is hosted in the cloud, you no longer need to maintain your own servers in-house.
  • Usually, you pay for business software upfront. But, with an Acumatica subscription, you can split the cost out over the system’s lifetime.
Goal #2 Increase Productivity

How Acumatica Financial Management Suite can help:

  • User-friendly workflows help you automate many common accounting tasks, freeing up your team to focus on more important matters.
  • The integration between all of Acumatica’s suites means that data flows freely from one to the other. You no longer need to worry about information silos or reentering data multiple times. Also, you can always be confident the information you’re looking at is up to date.
  • Acumatica is available on any device with an Internet connection. Give your staff the tools they need to get their jobs done no matter where business takes them.

Eliminate the downtime caused by lengthy software upgrades. With Acumatica, all updates are done for you, behind the scenes.


Goal #1 Staying One Step Ahead of the Competition

How Acumatica Field Service Software can help:

  • Just because business takes you away from the office, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have access to your data when you need it. Acumatica is available on any mobile device.
  • Deliver top-notch customer service. Acumatica helps you assign the right person to every job, and plan routes that make the most of their workday.
  • Personalized dashboards help everyone focus on the data that’s important to them.  So, they can make smart decisions without spending a lot of time sifting through information that isn’t relevant.
  • Get a 360° view of all customer interactions. Easily spot issues and trends so you can quickly make adjustments.
  • Take data analysis beyond a bunch of numbers in a spreadsheet. Turn raw data into rich visuals that help you spot trends and track progress.


Goal #2 Increase Revenue and Market Share While Reducing Costs

How Acumatica Field Service Software can help:

  • Stay in constant communication with your field workers to improve efficiency and customer service.
  • Take a team approach to customer service and sales. Give clients a consistent, positive experience every time.
  • Track all costs associated with a project and compare actuals versus budgets. Use this data to identify wasteful spending, so you can avoid making the same mistakes twice.

Why Choose Acumatica from Intelligent Technologies, Inc?

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We’ve served the technology needs of SMBs for over 25 years. Since the beginning, ERP and CRM systems have been the focus of our business. No matter how complex your needs, chances are we have tackled something similar before. If you need customizations, our expert staff can help with those as well.

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The human touch

Should you need help with Acumatica, our friendly NC based staff will there for you. No more searching for an answer yourself, or wasting time trying to figure out who you should call.

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Be assured we have what it takes to meet your ERP needs now and as your business grows. Our team has been implementing and supporting ERP systems since 1991.

Small and medium sized business love working with Intelligent Technologies, Inc.

If you are looking for a creative software provider that offers great service, look no further than Intelligent Technologies, Inc!  Thanks to their expert staff, we now have a fully automated system that gives us daily insight into many critical aspects of the business, including sales, employee turnover and more.  Plus, anytime we encounter an issue or have a question they’re always friendly, professional and ready to lend a hand!

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With Intelligent Technologies, Inc’s help, we have been able to grow our portfolio of restaurants to 25 while still keeping our staff small.  The connected business systems they’ve given us allow us to operate very efficiently while strengthening our security and eliminating errors.

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Acumatica believes that ERP business solutions cannot reach their full potential unless everyone in your organization, and even important stakeholders outside of it have access to the information they need. So, Acumatica pricing is not based on the number of users you have, but rather on the features and resources you use.


Acumatica pricing is based on these three factors

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What type of license do you want?

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What applications you want access to right away?

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How much computing power and data storage will you need?

The available license choices are


  • A SaaS subscription (pay an annual fee to run the software on the public cloud)
  • Private cloud subscription (pay an annual fee to run the software on premise or through a hosting provider)
  • Private perpetual license (pay a onetime fee for the license upfront plus, recurring annual maintenance for the software and deploy it on your own servers or with a hosting provider) This option is similar to how most legacy ERP packages are purchased.

How much computing power you’ll need is based on your transaction volume.


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