Compare Google Apps vs Office 365 Additional Resources

Google vs Office 365 Infographics, White Papers, Blogs and More


Datasheet: Why businesses choose Office 365 over G Suite

Quick comparison of the two most popular business productivity solutions.


EBook: Office 365 A to Z

Explore the top reasons why businesses choose Office 365.


Infographic: Office 365 Security 

Overview of Office 365's security features. 


Blog: Continuous innovation makes Office 365 the clear choice for productivity

Familiarize yourself with some of the most notable innovations to come to Office 365 in the last year.


Blog: Office 365 offers greater privacy, security and regulatory compliance

See why more than 1.2 billion people trust their data to Microsoft over the competition.


Blog: Why Office 365 is the best choice for collaboration

With more mobile devices than people in the world today, the ability to collaborate anytime, anywhere has become paramount to business success. Explore the vast array of collaboration tools offered by Microsoft Office 365.


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