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Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Supply Chain Management

Streamline your production, warehouse, inventory, transportation and planning for better efficiency quality and profitability. Respond to changing trends quickly and easily with the help of AI, IoT and predictive insights. 

Benefits of Dynamics 365 for Supply Chain Management

Optimize production for reduced waste

Spot potential equipment issues before they bring everything to a grinding halt. Plus, improve product yield and quality with IoT insights. 

Handle production planning in real time and easily adjust as you need. Use automation to improve efficiency and make better use of your machines. 

Extend the life of some of your most valuable assets

For manufacturing businesses, buying new equipment is a major expense. Use AI to help you predict when you must perform preventative maintenance so you can plan for it. With IOT and mixed reality, some of it can even be done automatically for you. 

Modernize how you handle inventory

Never run out of a product or waste money over stocking. Smart tools recommend ways to optimize your inventory. 

Automate and simplify your supply chain

Deliver products and services on time with analytics to help you optimize logistics, material sourcing and fulfillment. 

Supply Chain Management – Manufacturing Trends

See how six emerging trends are changing the manufacturing industry and how having a system that connects your operations end to end can help you keep up.

Dynamics 365 for Supply Chain Management Features at a Glance

Asset Management

Keep track of and handle tasks related to managing and maintaining many types of equipment, including vehicles, production equipment and machinery.

Cost Accounting

Analyze your fixed and variable costs for a deeper understanding of where your money goes.


Inventory Management

See what you have on hand. Avoid costly under ordering or over stocking mistakes.


Connect your Dynamics 365 data to Microsoft Power BI to create rich visuals that help you understand the story behind the numbers.

Master Planning

Balance your capacity with your future materials needs to meet your company’s needs.

Procurement and Sourcing

Go from deciding you need a product or service, all the way through the buying process and vendor payment.

Production Control

Follow each item you produce throughout the entire production lifecycle.

Transportation Management

Keep tabs on your company’s transportation resources. Identify routing and vendor solutions for outbound and inbound orders.

Service Management

Handle service requests, customer issues and set up service agreements. Once you deliver a service, analyze its efficency.

Warehouse Management

Whether yours is a retail, manufacturing or distribution business, manage your warehouse at peak efficiency.

Why Dynamics 365 for Supply Chain Management?

With Dynamics 365, we get instant feedback on our inventory levels, which allows us to better meet customer demand.”

—Matt James, Chief Operating Officer, Hickory Farms

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