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Meet the Challenges of Modern Manufacturing Head On

Lowering your costs and increasing productivity is not impossible. All it takes is the right tools.

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Like many manufacturers, do you struggle to balance supply and customer demand? When used correctly, an ERP system can help with this and other common issues manufacturers face.

The problem is, many implement an ERP without a clear plan in place to maximize their investment. A mistake that costs them dearly in both time and money. Don’t let this happen to you!


Read, “Creating a Modern, Effective Manufacturing Environment with ERP.”

Benefits of ERP in Manufacturing


  • Opening ERP up to the entire organization.
  • Expanding ERP with supporting technology.
  • Connecting key technology platforms across the business.
  • And more!


Discover more powerful benefits of ERP in manufacturing.


Need More Proof About the Benefits of ERP in Manufacturing?

Manufacturers that make the most of their ERP software enjoy:


Lift in operating margins


Improvement in inventory turns


Boost in sales to stock ratio

About the Report’s Author

At the time of the report’s writing, Nick Castellina was the Research Director, Business Planning and Execution for the Aberdeen Group. Castellina joined Aberdeen in 2010; with his primary research focused on the use of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. His enterprise applications research explores how ERP is used differently across industries, and how it can apply to all roles within the organization. To round out his research practice, Castellina leads yearly studies on Enterprise Performance Management, Business Process Management, Professional Services Automation, and project management. His financial planning, budgeting, and forecasting research has extended his coverage into more general financial management topics, including tax management, accounting, reporting, compliance, treasury and risk, and the office of the CFO. In addition to these topics, Castellina manages the analysts in Aberdeen’s Manufacturing, Supply Chain Management, Product Innovation and Engineering, and Financial Management and GRC research practices.