Why go mobile white paper cover

Why Go Mobile?

Today, it’s hard to go even a day without hearing someone talk about how important implementing mobile CRM solutions is for business success. And, you probably find yourself thinking “I’d love to be able to access my CRM system on a mobile device, but can implementing a mobile CRM solution really have a meaningful effect on my bottom line?”
Yes, it can!

Still skeptical? We have proof. Do any of these goals look familiar?

  1. Increase average sale by 20%.
  2. Lower cost of sales by 15%.
  3. Reduce billing lag time by 30%.
  4. Achieve 90% key field completion in customer records.
  5. Increase average service calls completed per week by 15%.
  6. Deliver 100% real time data to managers.

If so, this white paper was written for you. It’ll show you how you can achieve these and other similar strategic goals using mobile CRM, with real life examples. Go ahead, get a leg up on your competition.


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About Intelligent Technologies Inc.

Intelligent Technologies, Inc. was founded in 1991 as a full-service technology company by two certified public accountants (CPAs). We serve clients nationwide from our office in Greensboro, NC.

Our professional staff specializes in ERP software selection, accounting software implementation and systems integration work. We maintain strong business connections with leading accounting software companies so we can provide expert advice to our clients. We add value to our clients by advising on strategic, operational and technical issues that impact their business.

Why Work with Us

  • We possess 20+ years’ experience in the business software industry.
  • All of our consultants are fully certified in the products they support.
  • We have vast experience integrating the CRM systems we support with other software.
  • When you partner with us, you get a company that cares about your success. We pride ourselves on treating each client, regardless of size with the same high level of respect.
  • Our commitment to your company doesn’t end once your new system is up and running. As long as we are your CRM partner, you will always have friendly, knowledgeable support staff available to assist you with your enterprise Resource planning system.
  • We provide a detailed, personalized proposal after completing a needs analysis. Then, our customized, cost-effective solutions are designed to meet your exact requirements.