What is digital transformation?

And what does it mean for my business?
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Digital transformation is a buzzword you hear often these days  But, do you know what it really means?  In this white paper, a panel of people who work with technology everyday give their take on the concept.  And, what we found is that at its core, Digital Transformation is what happens when organizations rethink their processes, products and services in terms of what’s possible with current technology.

To help you visualize what your own digital transformation might look like, we collected real-life examples from businesses already using the cloud, ERP and CRM to rethink their future.

A few of the Digital Transformation examples you’ll see:

  • Using web portals to keep project teams and clients in lockstep
  • Redesigning business processes to reduce manual inputs
  • Notifying field service workers when they have been assigned a case and routing them efficiently

And more.

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