Your Acumatica ERP Security Questions Answered


Laura Schomaker, Marketing Associate

October 5, 2018

Often, one of skeptics’ main concerns about cloud computing is security. Even though the data shows cloud systems are more secure than on premise ones, the desire to dig deeper into a solution’s security features before making a purchase is not only understandable, it’s a key step in the buying process. Especially, when it comes to choosing an ERP system that will control and hold a lot of your business’ most important data.

So, today’s blog is devoted to helping potential Acumatica customers get answers to their most common Acumatica ERP security questions.

Below is the list of Acumatica ERP security questions I will be covering. Click any link to jump directly to that question’s answer.

  1. How does Acumatica help keep my data out of the wrong hands?
  2. How are user access rights managed in Acumatica?
  3. Does Acumatica store my information in the same database as other clients?
  4. What happens to my data when someone views it in their web browser?
  5. What can I do to proactively manage security and data privacy?


How does Acumatica help keep my data out of the wrong hands?

Acumatica has sophisticated tools built in that watch for any attempt to compromise the integrity, confidentiality or availability of your data. If it suspects any efforts to gain unauthorized access, first the intruder will be locked out and then Acumatica will launch an investigation to try to find the intruder. For added security, Acumatica also gives clients the option to restrict user access based on IP address and actively tracks all logins. So, you can see exactly who is using the system at any point in time.

How are user access rights managed in Acumatica?

In Acumatica, each user is assigned a role. These roles are generally based upon job responsibilities or tasks performed by a group of users. Then, unique security rights can be put in place for each role. Or, if you have users who need security permissions specific to them, Acumatica ERP security settings give you the flexibility to do set them on an individual level as well.

Does Acumatica store my information in the same database as other clients?

No, unlike some other cloud ERP providers, Acumatica does not use shared databases. This decision not only makes data more secure, but also allows each client to run its own version of the software. So, if you’re not ready to install the latest update at the same time other Acumatica clients do, that’s okay.

What happens to my data when someone views it in their web browser

When a user accesses Acumatica, very little information is transferred to the browser. The data that is transferred is encrypted using SSL technology and only stays in the browser for an instant. No information ever stays on a user’s computer long-term.

What can I do to proactively manage security and data privacy?

Keeping your data secure takes more than implementing a state-of-the-art solution. Without the proper planning, your data security won’t be as strong as it could be. It’s important to implement companywide best practices on which you train each of your employees. These could include things such as clean desk policies, screensavers with short timeouts requiring password reentry before resuming activity, secure document shredding, etc.

Once you have these basics down, it’s time to decide who needs access to which parts of the system and why. Using this information, can you set up the Acumatica ERP security settings in the way that makes the most sense for your business.

To learn more strategies for managing security and data privacy in the age of cloud computing, watch this video from Acumatica.

As you can see, Acumatica ERP delivers top-notch security features to help keep your critical business data safe. Should you have further questions about Acumatica ERP security features, please contact us. Our experts will be glad to help!

If you would like to read other general questions and answers about Acumatica software or see how to use some of its most popular features, please visit this webpage.

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