What to Look for in a Multi-Entity Management Solution
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Elena Carson, ERP Consultant
September 22, 2017

Greater Visibility into Your Company’s Performance

Have you ever wondered how your company is performing?  Is it hard to tell because you have limited data available to you? This is where a multi-entity management (MEM) solution comes in handy.

With MEM, you get real-time information on your company’s overall health.  Specifically, rolled-up financial reports spanning all your Dynamics GP companies.  Thus, eliminating the need for time-consuming spreadsheets or an expensive external reporting system.

But, that’s not all. A Multi Entity Management solution also lets you drill down into individual business units and slice and dice information with familiar Microsoft Dynamics GP reports.


Achievement of High Productivity Gains

Have you ever asked yourself why it takes such a long a time to complete simple accounting tasks? Do your team a favor. Get rid of time-wasting bottom-line -eating manual tasks.  Multi Entity Management software cuts the time needed to close your books from days or weeks to hours.  It also streamlines many Microsoft Dynamics GP accounting processes, like Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and Payroll.


Some other useful features a Multi Entity Management solution offers are:

  • Shared Master File Records
  • Automated Intercompany Processing
  • Centralized Processing

Shared Master File Records

View transaction records from different entities all in one window. For example, if you want to see Accounts Payable, all you have to do is select the relevant criteria in the Payable Transaction Inquiry window.
Screenshot of shared master file records in Dynamics GP using Muti-Entity Management solution

Automated Intercompany Processing

Process your Accounts Payable transactions and allocate them to the proper entities. The screenshot below shows the parent “000” entity where A/P transaction is entered.

When you click on the distribution button in the Payables Transaction Entry window, you can distribute an invoice amount to the child entity “100”, “200” etc. Rest assured, when posting these transactions to the General Ledger, your accounts will stay in balance because MEM automatically accounts for due to/due from accounts in each entity.

Screenshot of Automated Intercompany Processing in Dynamics GP using Muti-Entity Management solution
Screenshot of General Posting Journal in Dynamics GP using Muti-Entity Management solution

Centralized Processing

Screenshot of Centralized AP in Dynamics GP using Muti-Entity Management solution
Screenshot of Centralized AP Setup window in Dynamics GP using Muti-Entity Management solution
When you click on the “Centralize AP” link to build the centralized batch, the “Edit Payables Check Batch” window will open.  Here you can choose the child entities you wish to include in the batch posting.
Screenshot of Edit Payables Check Batch window in Dynamics GP using Muti-Entity Management solution
Screenshot of Check Batch printout in Dynamics GP using Muti-Entity Management solution
Or, when you print A/P checks and post them, the General Posting Journal will show a detailed break down of the child and parent entities’ transactions.
Screenshot of AP Checks in General Posting Journal in Dynamics GP using Muti-Entity Management solution
As you can see, because it lets you use a single Dynamics GP database, a Multi Entity Management solution makes it much easier to handle multiple company entities.  Think your company could benefit from multi-entity management?
Not sure if MEM is right for your business or have questions?  Leave a comment below or contact us.

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