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Top ERP Buying Mistakes to Avoid

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Written by Laura Schomaker

September 10, 2020

Investing in ERP is an important multistep decision. Given the complexity of the ERP buying process, it is only natural that companies looking to purchase an ERP solution might make some mistakes along the way. These mistakes, however unintentional, can leave you with a solution that doesn’t fit your needs or your business. The following are some top ERP buying mistakes you should avoid if you want to get the most out of a new ERP.  

Top 5 ERP Buying Mistakes 

Not Doing Your Preliminary Research 

Before you choose an ERP, begin with thorough research into your company’s requirements. This should involve everyone at your company. What does marketing need? The manufacturing floor? Consider collaboration across siloes, and how an ERP solution can enhance that. It’s always a good idea to assemble a team from various silos within your company. These partners can do the research, ask the relevant questions, and draft a thorough list of requirements before you ever talk with an ERP vendor.  

Not Asking for Demos 

Taking part in an ERP demo is an essential part of the purchasing process. You may think you know everything about a solution, but you can’t really know how an ERP will perform for you until you see it in action. An ERP demo can give you a detailed look at the solution’s impact on workflow, data access, and collaboration. Learn more and schedule demos of a few of the most popular ERPs here. 

Not Considering Solutions for Your Space 

While standard ERPs are a good fit for many, there are industry-specific options that can bring real value to certain companies. As you look around at various ERPs, keep an eye out for any meant to address the needs of your industry.  

Not Considering the Future 

Even the most advanced ERP will still need to grow with your company. Make sure whichever one you go with is future-proof. By that I mean, it offers the scalability and flexibility you need to deal with anything from personnel growth and company expansion to market fluctuations. Your solution will also need ongoing maintenance, so make sure you also look for an ERP vendor that offers robust support.  

Not Asking Questions 

You have a right to ask as many questions as you want when purchasing a new ERP solution, so ask away. A trustworthy vendor will answer your questions readily and be more than happy to work collaboratively with you to ensure that your solution fits your needs. After you have taken part in a demo, sit down with your selection committee and assemble a list of questions. Did the ERP address all your needs? What was missing, and can the vendor fill in those blanks? This will provide you with the crystal-clear clarity you need to make an informed decision on ERP.  

ERP can be transformative for your business, but buying the right solution requires some legwork and consideration. By avoiding these top ERP buying mistakes, you can position your company to make the best decision when choosing ERP. Have you had your own experience with bumps in the road during the ERP purchasing process? Let us know in the comments below. And if you are ready to launch your own ERP initiative, start exploring your ERP options today.   

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