Sail Through Your Dynamics GP Year-End Close with Our New E-Guide


Laura Schomaker, Marketing Associate

December 13, 2018

Each year at this time, anyone who handles accounting for a business is focused on one thing, closing out the books for the year. When you use Dynamics GP to handle your company’s accounting, the process of closing your books is referred to as “year-end close.” Whether you are a new Dynamics GP user or a seasoned one, the Dynamics GP year-end close process can seem daunting. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. For over 25 years now, our experts have been helping our Dynamics GP clients successfully navigate the Dynamics GP year-end close process.

If you are reading this, you’re probably nervous about the Dynamics GP year-end close process and looking for advice on best practices and what not to do. Good news, you’ve come to the right place!

Recently, our experts put together and e-guide anyone can use to come through the Dynamics GP year-end close process with flying colors.

A compilation of our Dynamics GP team’s know-how and quick access to some of the best Dynamics GP year-end close resources available on the web, this e- guide brings everything you need to know about the process together in one place.

In our new Dynamics GP Year-end close e-guide, you will find:

  • Best practices from our experts—Learn the best order to execute the major steps in the Dynamics GP year-end close process, and more. Some of these things may seem simple. But, without paying close attention to them, your Dynamics GP year-end close house of cards can quickly come tumbling down.
  • Standard year-end procedures—An explanation of Dynamics GP year-end closed steps they do not change from year to year.
  • Module specific closing information—Some Dynamics GP modules like payroll, payables, fixed assets, inventory and a few others require special attention during the year-end close process. Our Dynamics GP year-end close e-guide tells you exactly what you need to know.
  • Additional resources—A handpicked list of our favorite Dynamics GP year-end close links from around the web.

And more.

Forget your two front teeth, we all know what accounting pros really want for Christmas, a smooth year-end closing process. Get it with our Dynamics GP year-end close e-guide.


Finally, you can enjoy the holidays with the rest of your colleagues! Need hands on help with your Dynamics GP year-end close? Contact us.

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