Danger! Are You Putting Off Your ERP Upgrade?


Laura Schomaker, Marketing Associate

November 2, 2018

Sure, nobody wakes up in the morning thinking “I can’t wait to upgrade my ERP today!” There are many reasons organizations often put off an ERP upgrade, like budget concerns, fear of change or scary memories from failed experiences. But that doesn’t mean the task is any less deserving of a prominent place on your to-do list.


In fact, one key to long-term success with any ERP implementation is having a solid plan for how your organization will grow and change with the system. For best results, developing this plan should be a part of your initial implementation process. With this ERP upgrade plan in place, there should be no question about how your company will handle upgrades and who will manage them. Not sure how to create this plan? Work with your implementation partner. They can recommend best practices that fit your business and your ERP system.


Still, many companies try to hold on to an outdated ERP system for as long as possible. But this is never the best strategy. Did you know, hanging onto an outdated system that no longer fits your company’s needs costs more than buying a modern one? For a look at some surprising costs of hanging onto outdated systems, check out this infographic.


But money is not the only reason delaying an ERP upgrade is bad for business. It also leaves you open to many other dangers. These include weak security, inability to comply with today’s tax standards, lost opportunity, lack of competitive edge and more.

In the brief but eye-opening video below, our experts count down their top eight reasons hanging on to an outdated ERP system, specifically Dynamics GP 2013 and earlier, puts your business success at risk.

Why You Shouldn’t Delay Your ERP Upgrade

Can‘t decide which one is right for you? Don’t worry. Our experts are ready and willing to help you find the system that meets your needs today and grow with you tomorrow. Start the conversation now!

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