Case Study: Intelligent Technologies Tackles an Accounting Predicament

Laura Schomaker, Marketing Associate

Laura Schomaker, Marketing Associate

February 26, 2018

In the tech solutions industry, a company’s success is measured by the success of its clients. Intelligent Technologies is proud to have plenty of success stories among our customers. In today’s article, we’d like to exhibit how Intelligent Technologies found the ideal solution in Microsoft Dynamics GP for the challenge our client (who we’ll refer to as “Big Buffet”) faced with its accounting, when gearing up for expansion.

We always aim to have a deep understanding of the unique challenges each of our clients faces. This means our first order of business is to perform a detailed study of a company’s technology infrastructure and general operation practices. When we studied their case, we found several vulnerabilities in their accounting processes and procedures.

The Client

Our client in this story is Big Buffet, the second largest franchise operation within a well-known restaurant chain. They also place 110th among the 200 largest franchise operations on a national level. They have operations spread throughout the southeastern United States in North and South Carolina, West Virginia, Kentucky, and Ohio.

When it came to Big Buffet, their challenge was a product of something rather positive: a rapid and aggressive expansion.

The Challenge

While the company was enjoying success and growth, their accounting systems and methods needed to evolve to be able to handle the expansion they were about to undertake. Their internal accounting efficiencies needed to be up-to-par to take on the increased flow of financial and accounting data they were expecting. However, the custom software they were using for accounting was out of date and would not be able to withstand the task. Without an overhaul of their operational systems, they knew they would have to deal with issues down the line. This is why they turned to Intelligent Technologies.

The Solution

Intelligent Technologies devised a plan to make the flow and exchange of operational and financial information easier and faster. We implemented the use of Microsoft Dynamics GP together with a custom integration to store systems to integrate payables, payroll, and sales. The new system was tailored to the client’s operations and financial structure. As a franchise operator, Big Buffet dealt with many operating units (restaurants) working at the same time across many different states. Intelligent Technologies built a fully-automated, system for them that allowed the simultaneous sharing of key information as early as possible in the morning (6:30 AM to be exact). This allowed management to have a global view of their franchise network, and it allowed them to make any necessary adjustments to their day-to-day operations based on the reports. Managers now had access to food and labor costs in real-time, which let them make instant comparisons on a day-to-day, month-to-month, or year-to-year basis. Their ability to make better financial and administrative decisions was immediately boosted.

The solution worked on many levels. The need for staff accountants at each location was eliminated thanks to the fully-automated accounting processes. This also meant that company labor was reduced and there was no longer a need for the time that staff spent compiling data and information; this in turn reduced the cost of benefits packages. Big Buffet not only improved their accounting through the use of Microsoft Dynamics GP; they became all-around more efficient under the new cloud-based system.

The Result

With their new ability to compare valuable information on a daily basis, they were able to make more accurate decisions and act faster. Detecting possible complications on time helped them fix inconveniences before they evolved into critical issues.

After Intelligent Technologies implemented our custom-built Dynamics GP solution, Big Buffet grew from a franchise network of 7 locations, to a whopping 25 locations in just 7 years. The best part: they’ve only hired 1 new staff accountant at their corporate headquarters…and they work part-time! Big Buffet has also won numerous national awards from the business community for their efficiency, growth, and employee retention.

If you are a growing company facing the challenges of expansion, we can help!

Allow us to show you how Microsoft Dynamics GP can make a difference for your company!

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