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How to Buy ERP Software? Expert Resources to Help You Every Step of the Way.

Written by Laura Schomaker

February 13, 2020

How to buy ERP software? That’s a question a lot of our prospective clients who’ve never bought an ERP before and current clients who have not updated their system in many years ask. And as a team of experts who have been in the ERP industry for nearly 3 decades, we have created a treasure trove of resources to help our web visitors answer this question. But until now, they were not all available in one place.

In case you haven’t visited our site in a while, it just got a major facelift. And as part of our online renovation, we wanted to make sure the helpful resources on our site were more accessible. In the past, sometimes you’d have to click several layers deep into a navigation menu or go through a pile of pages before you found the one you’re looking for. Often, this led visitors to become frustrated or worse, leave empty-handed. So, to make your visit our site (and your overall ERP buying experience) a more pleasant one, we have combined all our best ERP buying advice on to one page.

Some Resources Available Now to Help You Answer the Question “How to Buy ERP Software?”

  • A short 10 question quiz to help you decide whether it’s time to replace your current ERP software.
  • A series of quick videos (three minutes or shorter) that give you small bites of ERP buying advice and answer common questions we hear from ERP buyers.
  • Our best blog posts on ERP research, finding and buying the best system for your business.
  • An e-book that compares four of the top ERP options side-by-side and gives you in-depth ERP buying advice.
  • An e-book that discusses seven hard to ignore trends causing businesses like yours to move from traditional accounting software to the cloud.
  • A fillable checklist that helps you compare the ERP options you’re most interested in and see at a glance which one is the best fit for you.
  • An infographic showing you the eye-opening costs of delaying your ERP upgrade.
  • An infographic comparing two popular ERP systems for project focused organizations.
  • And more

Check it out now.

We hope these resources will help you find the answer to the question “how to buy ERP software?” If you still need more information, or on the fence about which system best meets your needs, schedule a free, no obligation consultation with us. After getting to know your needs and expectations, our experts will recommend the best ERP system for you. Buying an ERP is an important, but often confusing decision. Why go through alone if you don’t have to? Let us help!

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