Four Can’t Miss New Features Available in Dynamics GP 2019

Written by Laura Schomaker
Published on October 17, 2019

As some of you have probably heard, Microsoft released a new version of Dynamics at the start of this month. Dynamics GP 2019, or just Dynamics GP as some now call it, includes a lot of great new features users like you requested that. Today, I would like to show you four of our favorites.

Dynamics GP 2019 Feature #1: Import or Export Workflow

Workflows are perhaps one of Dynamics GP’s most useful features. They help you automate common tasks and ensure that users follow important processes. But one thing the workflow feature was missing was the ability to copy workflows from one company to the next with ease. And, re-creating them each time could be a bit of a tedious process. But not anymore. Dynamics GP 2019 gives you the ability to export a workflow from one company and import it into another, using an automatically created json file. Once you import a workflow, Dynamics GP will give you the option to tweak the workflow approvers and assigners to fit the needs of the new company. You also can set up any messages you wish to use in the new workflow.

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Dynamics GP 2019 Feature #2: Document Attach Now Available in Bank Reconciliation

Document attach has long been a favorite feature among Dynamics GP users. And for good reason, it gives you an easy way to keep track of any important documents related to your Dynamics GP records. For the last several years, the Dynamics GP development team has steadily been adding document attach capabilities to more areas of the system. This time around, it’s come to Bank reconciliation. With just a few clicks you can now attach, view or edit documents associated with your bank reconciliation records. Here’s a quick breakdown of the bank rec windows that now offer document attach:

  • Bank Transaction Entry
  • Bank Deposit Entry
  • Bank Transaction Inquiry Zoom
  • Bank Deposit Inquiry Zoom


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Dynamics GP 2019 Feature #3: Long Description for Payables Transactions

This feature makes it much easier to track each one of your payables and better understand where your money is going. With previous versions of Dynamics GP, if you created a lot of payables, it could quickly become difficult to discern one from another. This feature solves that issue. It is a 200 character field where you can enter descriptive information about the transaction. The information will display on checks printed from the payables transaction entry and payables check entry windows and on the payables document printed from the payables transaction entry window. It will not post to the general ledger.

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Dynamics GP 2019 Feature #4: User Access Improvements

As always, overall system enhancements were another major focus for the Dynamics GP development team when creating GP 2019. This time around, they worked to improve your user access set up experience. So, when you upgrade to Dynamics GP 2019, you will see a few new options in this area.

First, you can now sort the order of the companies displayed in the scrolling window by company ID or name with just a click.

Next, you can use “find by a field” to search through your list of company names fast. As you type, the system will automatically bring up the closest match to your entry, but the entire list will remain visible so you can easily select another option.

Third, you can filter out in active users so they will not appear in your user access set up window. That way, you can more quickly search through your list of users to find the one you’d like to adjust. It is important to note this setting is a per user one, and once you make your choice, the system will save it for the next time you open the window.

Last, the database name now appears on the user access set up scrolling window, so if you have multiple companies, you can see at a glance how they relate.

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Interested in learning about more great features like these, visit the Dynamics GP 2019 feature of the day blog series, written by none other than the GP development team.


Love these new features? Did you know you can help create the next great release of Dynamics GP? You can suggest your ideas to the Dynamics GP development team by visiting this webpage. Even if you don’t have a specific feature, you’d like to request, you can vote on ideas submitted by other users. The more votes a feature request gets from the user community, the more likely Microsoft will add it in an upcoming release.

Curious how this process works? Read this blog post.

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